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  1. Forward collision warning (FCW) and automatic emergency breaking (AEB) malfunction??

    @kinerific I got a TSb update to recalibrate the sensor. Anyways it’s basically useless. I turn that off, I only use the alarm. I do not trust the Jeep braking for me. No issues. My BMW had the braking feature and always worked just fine, I just don’t think Jeeps are tried and true yet for these...
  2. Trying to get a good price for my 2020 Wrangler Sahara

    How many miles do you have on your Sahara? Seems odd you'll lose 17k out of the 25k you put in as down payment. I paid $46,500 for a $53,600 (MSRP) 2020 Sahara (fully loaded) in 09/2019. Pretty sure with my rubi hood + steelbumpers/rubi wheels I can get close to 50k+ on it still. But I only...
  3. 2.0L Water Leak

    I assume that's from looking at the undercarriage? what Torx screw is that
  4. 2.0L Water Leak

    Is that diagram a photo of it looking from below the undercarrige?
  5. 2.0L Water Leak

    Nope, I just want to double check those "screws" so i can prevent a future leak.
  6. 2.0L Water Leak

    I see...You did this from the "top- looking down" at the engine bay correcT?
  7. 2.0L Water Leak

    Can you circle the photos of the bolt you tighten? I can’t for the life of me locate these bolts
  8. Georgia Stabilizer Bolt for +2021 06510774AA

    Do you still have any more of those steering stabilizer bolts? I just need one.
  9. Mopar steering damper bracket

    Do you have a 2Dr Rubicon? Those are wide axles. The 4 Dr ones are the same part # that would fit my Sahara
  10. Mopar steering damper bracket

    cant cut the bolt head. It’s a carriage bolt. I believe that squared end is stuck.
  11. Mopar steering damper bracket

    Does anyone have this part sitting around after swapping their steering stabilizer and don’t need it? I’m unable to remove mine to change my stabilizer. Genuine Mopar Damper Bracket part#68309363AB (For Dana 210 or Dana 186 without wide axles)
  12. Need help getting the right part (DJD & DJE VS DJF)

    To confirm.c this is my part .#? https://www.moparpartsgiant.com/parts/mopar-bracket-damper~68309363ab.html?vin=1C4HJXCG6JW156575&make=Jeep&model=Wrangler&year=2018&submodel=All-new%20Model%20&extra1=&extra2=&filter=(T=DEM)
  13. Need help getting the right part (DJD & DJE VS DJF)

    D186 front axle 4door 2.0 turbo
  14. Need help getting the right part (DJD & DJE VS DJF)

    I have a 2020 Sahara , which one do I need?
  15. Need help getting the right part (DJD & DJE VS DJF)

    Did you figure out which one you need?
  16. New York WTB- OEM Steering stabilizer bracket (front)

    That is it! Yes it goes in the passenger side tie rod. I should clarify it’s the bracket adapter that mounts the steering stabilizer. Do you also have the carriage bolt and nut? Any chance you’d ship it? I can pay
  17. New York WTB- OEM Steering stabilizer bracket (front)

    This is a tough one but I figured I ask, I bought a fox steering stabilizer TS to swap with my OEM. I’ve tried for weeks to get the carriage bolt out, with zero luck. See pics. I’ve given up, and would like to see if anyone who’s got a spare bracket sitting around with the carriage bolt, and...
  18. Squirrley Steering after Major Upgrade?!

    stock draglink , stock trackbar mount.