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  1. What is a REASONABLE price for used Toplift Pro?

    LOL I did the same when contemplating purchasing a top removal device! I instead purchased the scaffolding and a cheap winch for the rafters from harbor freight in garage to lift the top then wheel the scaffold under, lower the top on and all set!
  2. Mishimoto Engine Oil Drain

    Stahlbus...just put one on, they're great!
  3. What does this do??

    Also door Handle interior pulls have the little light.
  4. Start/stop dashlight

    I have the same but also get ESC off and sometimes the screen shows service them. Took it to the dealer while it was happening...tech hooked up computer and it was reading Vacuum. He said he would order part and would call me when it was in, that was two months ago and I got crickets...never...
  5. 2022 Xtreme Recon with Death Wobble

    Tell me about it! I thought so too! but like I said I rotated it into the Jeeps driver rear and problem gone. I was driving the last couple of weeks like an old lady so It wouldnt happen again and that same spot that would set it off I avoided until I rotated them. Go Figure! I like to drive...
  6. 2022 Xtreme Recon with Death Wobble

    I have never had it until a couple of weeks ago, passenger tire felt like it was out of balance. I hit a bump, not big...while making a small bend on the highway and bam it started. I checked all components nothing loose(totally stock)! Then when changing my oil..rotated tires and the passenger...
  7. hi All I'm new here

    WELCOME!! and Congratz on the new Jeep. Have to say I'm partial to the Ocean Blue. :rock:
  8. Goodbye to my third Jeep (JLUR) bc fire!

    Report back please. Am starting a little fund to do the same.
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Eh, changed my oil, rotated tires and although a bit early, swapped out the soft to hard top. i am going to be really busy at work for the next 4 months so playtime will be less anyway.
  10. Check engine light

    Batteries are not always the reason why we get gremlins! I have the ess and auto stop/ start happening on daily basis...happened when at dealers, they hooked up and said it was vacuum pump...that was 7 weeks ago after they said they would call me when it came in! Still waiting! to the OP there...
  11. 2nd Windshield Crack/7 mos old 2022 JLURD 🤦‍♂️😲

    This happened to me^^^ so after safelite changed it out. I applied RacingOptics tear away laminate. Have not had any issues in two years and still have it on. Will continue once it is done I will replace with a new one. Jl windshield=Stone magnet!
  12. Close please :)

    Check the post out by Rhinebeck01, he has a part# https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/spare-tire-carrier-lug-studs.86575/page-2
  13. Coverable winch in OEM Steel Bumper

    HEY Cyle, Yeah you need a winch plate for any winch you decide on FCA sells you the winch ready bumper but not ready! I went with the warn one and also Spacers (Poison spider makes spacers for the winch to sit just a tad higher which I also used. another tidbit was when you install the...
  14. Is this really what the Bestop Supertop squarback looks like without rear windows?

    Was gonna say the same thing as Tethmes ... It probably loses it's tautness due to sunrider open and nothing holding it with windows/rear curtain out.
  15. How to disconnect EVAP tube?

    I'm glad it helped I actually paid for a years worth of documents on Alldata which gives you schematics and part #s etc... in case I need them when I'm wrenching! Or someone reaches out. Glad it worked out!
  16. How to disconnect EVAP tube?

    I think this is it
  17. How to disconnect EVAP tube?

    Is it possible that the green ring slides out and allows you to pull tube after that.
  18. Softtop Question

    I do the same except I brush it on with a paint brush and then let it sit in the sun and dry before storing. But that won't be for a while still, I am in New England and the weather does change fast but I won't remove till Halloween or so.
  19. Funny Jeep Trick

    DAMN!!! I would have had to change my boxers and my pants if that were me! All kiiiiiinds of seepage!