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  1. 2 door Lifted Willys Pics

    Amazon special, I bought the Jeep a week before a planned harley trip to the 4-corners states. The wife and I decided to take the Jeep instead, and amazon was the only place i could get a bumper to our doorstep in time. To be fair, it held up well for the two years we had Jeepeto II, and...
  2. 2 door Lifted Willys Pics

    Can I join with Jeepeto II? She’s basically a Willy’s. 2 door sport with LSD. Lift is the Dynatrac Endurosport 2" Wheels are 17" Procomp 7069 Tires are Yokohama Geolander G003 MT's in 35x12.5"
  3. Living without Carpets

    I removed the carpet in my YJ years back, and while it's nice if you need to hose the mud out from wheeling with the top off, it would not be something I would do with a new JL. ArmorLite as menioned, or factory carpet go a long way to making the interior feel finished. Your BF is correct, it...
  4. Recoveries of Smaller Vehicles

    Yikes! I usually make a day out of it when bad weather hits in this area. Driving around and pulling people out, helping people out who need a ride, supplies, etc. I've often wondered what would happen if things were to go pear shaped but it's never stopped me from helping. I wonder if we...
  5. New Bumper on the Way - What Winch to Buy?

    And they just recalled the wireless remotes. Their solution is wired operation only. 😐
  6. Jeepeto III - JLUR XR (Xtreme Recon) Build Thread

    Should be a great kit 👍 Enjoy that 392, looking back I wish I had spend the extra 🤦
  7. Jeepeto III - JLUR XR (Xtreme Recon) Build Thread

    The solution was moving the axle slightly to keep things centered through travel. Adjustment in the control arms solved it
  8. Mopar Aux Switch bank for newer JL's

    I would think more pick less pliers. Like I said it’s been a couple years, but now that you mention it, I vaguely remember it being a pain in the butt. I think I even remember my pick kinda rounded the pin getting it out.
  9. What needs to be done to make a 2-1/2” lift work for 37’s

    No issues on my rig. I stuffed tires during the lift install before installing springs and everything looked fine. I am running my wheels as true beadlock, so it pulls the tires out 1/2” on either side giving my tires a bit more clearance on the rear sway bar end links. I don’t know if it would...
  10. Black is played out...Show off your non-black wheels!

    They’re technically not black 🤷 XR wheels with beadlock ring
  11. GMRS Antenna on tailgate??

    If you unbolt the windshield and pull it forward you can slide it under the corner of the windshield. It has a thick foam seal that will self heal over the coax without harming it
  12. What needs to be done to make a 2-1/2” lift work for 37’s

    3.5” MC GC lift with 37” Yokohamas (true to size, similar to the Nittos) I measure exactly 7’ (84”) with the tent on. You could fit in 80” garage without issue if you don’t put a RTT on.
  13. Mopar Aux Switch bank for newer JL's

    Can you post a pic of the connector in question? Edit: Is this the one? Did you remove the cover from the previous step? It has been a couple years since I did mine but I’m sure I would have just popped a straight pick into the pin and pushed until it popped out. Manhandle it if you have to.
  14. 🛣 Here We Go -> Navigation App🌍

    Screenshots? What is the appeal over the other big players?
  15. Safety recall on Warn Evo 10s?

    ...aaaand I tried to pot the board and somehow screwed it up. I now have a wired only remote :mad: I should have just left well enough alone. To be fair the corrosion had already started on the AAA batteries inside the remote, and the stink of 'er was something awful when you got the case open...
  16. What is the official theme song for your Jeep?

    Don’t get me on the topic of old cast iron. I love the stuff 😄. I find myself popping into little antique stores in the middle of nowhere looking for grandmas old Griswold skillet 😂
  17. Safety recall on Warn Evo 10s?

    I think this is the route I’ll be going. $100 to switch to wired isn’t an acceptable solution for me
  18. Safety recall on Warn Evo 10s?

    Oh that sucks! I purchased specifically for the wireless function. I hope this isn't the case
  19. Safety recall on Warn Evo 10s?

    Same. Let us know if you hear back from them.