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  1. My Willys XR is in transit

    Would you be getting rid of your Nacho Willys? If so, I'd keep the Nacho!
  2. High Altitude Confusion

    Look up what’s included in the package. Among what I recall, it starts with a Sahara and adds: Wider D44 axles front and rear —a strong selling point on its own! 20-inch wheels with low-profile road tires —NOT a selling point for me Standard leather interior with unique bronze stitching and...
  3. Drivers Side Heated Seat Not Working Properly

    That’s just your Jeep’s way of telling you got a hot ass! :like:
  4. 2023 Rubicon 392 question

    Buying a 392 with the intent of it becoming “collectible” would be speculation at this point. So far, 392 used prices have been strong, but these are weird times in the auto market. Then there’s the added responsibility that, if you wanted it to hold its value, you’d have to refrain from...
  5. Titan 2" wheel spacer ?

    ^^^ this! Some tire shops will even refuse to touch your vehicle once they find that it has spacers. There's too much liability involved.
  6. Extended Warranty start date

    I used to think that, too. But with the cost of repairs rising out of control, it seems like a good insurance. For instance, when you consider that the head unit alone costs $2,000 to replace; a $1,200 extended warranty seems like a no-brainer.
  7. Titan 2" wheel spacer ?

    Two inches is a LOT. Most spacers are 1.25 to 1.50 inches.
  8. Tires sticking like Alfred E. Neuman's ears

    I wish I could have them fit within the fender line, but the only way to get to 35s is by going to 12.5-inch wide tires, which in most instances requires wheels that are at least 8 inches wide and have at most 5.2 inches of backspacing. Due to all of the above, mine stick out a little.
  9. Jeep Concepts for Easter Jeep 2023?

    Haven’t you heard? 2023 is the Year of the Happy Jeep Customer! Easter Safari concepts are so Fiat...Daimler, Chrysler, American Motors. Instead of vehicle concepts, Stellantis is teaching dealers how to smile. In case the plan fails, though, which is always a 50-50 chance with Jeep dealers...
  10. simple fix on the key fob spring open problem

    The giant key fob is the real reason Jeep had to build a pickup
  11. Death Wobble - 30 day backorder on replacement steering damper

    PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: If you are in need an OE stabilizer and are within driving distance of Bellingham, WA (including Canada), I have a factory stabilizer with less than 5,000 miles sitting in my garage that you can have for free. It is the “new and improved” stabilizer swapped out by...
  12. Death Wobble - 30 day backorder on replacement steering damper

    I got that exact one. It works like a charm with my 35s. I got it on Amazon, though.
  13. Constant dead battery issues with my 21 JLU Diesel

    Sounds like the OP does NOT want to modify the OE setup. He does NOT have to modify anything. I have said it several times and I’ll say it again: the problem is NOT the dual battery system; the dual battery setup works fine. The problem are the crummy batteries that come from the factory...
  14. Takes some getting used to...

    I wouldn’t call driving it a chore. But compared to the Mazda, the Fiat dials things up a notch: the little turbo has a nice kick, the exhaust sounds angry all the time, and the styling looks a lot more exotic than it really is. The Italians have a long tradition making tiny engines sound...
  15. Constant dead battery issues with my 21 JLU Diesel

    Yes, I run a Tazer. No issues. That’s the big mystery: why do dealers refuse to swap out those crummy batteries when they fail left and right? Rumor has it that it is much more profitable for dealers, instead of replacing the batteries, to swap out various modules and harnesses, stringing...
  16. Constant dead battery issues with my 21 JLU Diesel

    I swapped both batteries with two direct replacement - O'Reilly's own Super Start brand. I paid $107 for the auxiliary battery and $199 for the main battery. This was 20 months ago. I use ESS every day: everything works like clockwork. Even with the steering wheel and seat heaters in...
  17. Constant dead battery issues with my 21 JLU Diesel

    Dead —and dying— batteries have been an ongoing issue since JL launched six model years ago. I don’t understand why, when it’s your Jeep’s turn, dealers continue to behave like they have never seen this issue before.
  18. Constant dead battery issues with my 21 JLU Diesel

    It doesn’t cost $1,000 to swap two batteries. Not even half that amount. You may have a good relationship with your Jeep dealer, but based on what you are describing, they are displaying the same incompetence as hundreds of other dealers, and having you come multiple times for a...
  19. 2020 JL2 6-speed sales question

    Mileage is relative of course. Having said that, mileage is an indication of wear. Regardless of where and how the miles were driven, high miles is the one feature about a used vehicle you cannot change. You can modify the suspension, the steering, the exhaust, even the engine, but you...
  20. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Yes, you will need spacers if you have a regular Sport, Willys or Sahara. Diesels and High Altitude come with axles that are 1.5 inches wider, so you should be good with those. Good luck.