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  1. Oy the prices!

    So much internet bravado....
  2. Oy the prices!

    I don't know where you dreamed that up, but my point was that I do not feel sorry for any of these people who are grossly overpaying for new or used vehicles. They are the ones responsible for the price increases. Is it that hard for you to understand?
  3. Oy the prices!

    A virtue-signaling hero. Got it.
  4. Oy the prices!

    A new car is a discretionary purchase. Just because your used Jeep was totaled out doesn't mean you NEEDED to replace it with a new Jeep, you could have purchased a used Jeep.
  5. Oy the prices!

    Why are you defensive right now? If something I post does not apply to you, it does not apply.
  6. Oy the prices!

    There's a dealer named Lucky Lopez who has a Youtube channel where he shares information from the perspective of the dealer. He has a lot of interesting factoids you never hear from the mainstream media.
  7. Oy the prices!

    I actually don't. They're the ones driving up the prices. Nobody needs a new Jeep. NOBODY. So they are willingly pushing prices through the roof. Until these "pay anything" people are exhausted, prices will continue to climb. We're also finding out that a lot of the people buying new vehicles...
  8. Would you walk away from your order, or wait?

    Reading this thread makes me realize I want nothing to do with car dealers right now. The sleaze is at a new level.
  9. Does anyone know how many Xtreme Recons have been made?

    I'm just wondering - what is the point of this?
  10. Prices may go up… again…FCA pulled a Volkswagen - $300Million in fines

    Doubt that. Inconvenient truths are swept under the rug with the rotting elephant carcasses. We never get the whole truth about anything.
  11. Prices may go up… again…FCA pulled a Volkswagen - $300Million in fines

    Ever seen a lithium strip mine, or the toxic waste from a battery facility? The whole "green movement" is a scam designed to steer production in a direction which financially benefits the moneyed special interests who bought off the politicians to put forth the laws.
  12. Carvana / Vroom January Pricing Cliff

    And Carvana is providing the funding. They are basically a predatory lender dressed up as a used car dealer.
  13. Carvana / Vroom January Pricing Cliff

    I think we can clearly see that all these "disrupters" are the ones responsible for massive inflation in cars, houses, etc. They lose money hand over fist while driving prices into the stratosphere. Carvana and Vroom in the auto industry, Zillow and Opendoor in the housing market. Now they're...
  14. Oy the prices!

    No, just that it's a horrific price, in my opinion. We all have them. I don't begrudge people who can easily afford them. That's not my point. BTW, I don't want a 392. Period. My days of fuel guzzlers are in the past. I'm looking for a little 2.0.
  15. Oy the prices!

    While we're sharing opinions, I think it's beyond terrible - it's HORRIFIC. Let's do a little exercise here: $79,628 plus another $6k for tax and licensing. Let's assume $20,000 down. On a 7 year loan at the going rate for an average credit score you're looking at $965 per month. That's more...
  16. Oy the prices!

    It's not going to be Stellantis who "gives up this gouging," it's going to be the Federal Reserve who breaks it off in the asz of all of these companies as they jack rates into the stratosphere. Try selling your overpriced junk when interest rates are in the double digits and there are no...
  17. Oy the prices!

    People like me are on a buyer's strike. I'm just not paying it. I'm not alone. I'll add that I'm working on buying an older, used Rubicon from a friend for a good price. It's a 2 door, which I don't really want, but it's only got a bit over 50k miles on it and it will suffice for now. Chrysler...
  18. Rumor: Diesel XR (Xtreme Recon) coming in November

    What don't you like about the diesel?
  19. Rumor: Diesel XR (Xtreme Recon) coming in November

    Yeah, these prices are lalaland. I make more money than most people I know, and it's all too rich for me now.
  20. Train Route?

    There's no such thing anymore. I'm not kidding. There are reports of trainyards sending boxcars away - to wherever - because they can't handle the traffic anymore. It's gotten that ludicrous.