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  1. Spare Tire One Inch Smaller

    Agree. Detroit lockers, Torrington types, etc, it would be better to either put the undersized tire on a uncoupled front axle for hwy use, or limit speed and distance on the axle with those types of diffs. Off-road, it wouldn't matter even using air or E lockers, since tire slippage will...
  2. Higher psi on load range C than load E?

    My best compromise pressure on my 285/70r17 33" K02 C rated tires was 32-33 psi cold which topped around 35-36 hot. My 37x12.50 D rated tires seem happy around 28 psi cold, 31 hot. My guess would be 29-31 psi for your tires.
  3. Best 1-1.5" lift?

    Springs from a heavier diesel or 4xE have a higher spring rate. Yes it will raise it, but the springs will make for an unnecessarily stiff ride.
  4. Constant dead battery issues with my 21 JLU Diesel

    Dump the motorcycle sized battery.
  5. Best way to stop a thief from towing your Jeep?

    'Follow the money'. The money is where the people are.
  6. Best way to stop a thief from towing your Jeep?

    Heard the same lore. Not sure about the accuracy, but seems to have some truth. A few years back in the news, there was a young man that was arrested in Mexico for having a short shotgun and his parents were trying to get the State Dept to help spring him from a long prison sentence. I'd...
  7. Constant dead battery issues with my 21 JLU Diesel

    Isn't there an issue with cold weather with lithium batteries? I went with the Genesis/Odyssey conversion a year ago. No issues since.
  8. Best way to stop a thief from towing your Jeep?

    Careful of the gun laws in Mexico. No pistol calibers over 9mm/38, no ARs (from what I've heard/read), no short shotguns (length?). Gun violations are big time prison sentences.
  9. Best way to stop a thief from towing your Jeep?

    Whoever said air-down was genius. Takes a few seconds per tire to just pull all the stems and go to bed. bring the compressor into the room if it's a portable, or at least the hose for a hard mounted one. No sense in giving a thief the tools to steal your rig. When towing your rig, pull one...
  10. Spare Tire One Inch Smaller

    A bunch of mamby pamby, worry wart, the sky is falling, BS. Using a Toyo AT3 as the tire du jour for this discussion smaller tire theoretically goes around 628.6 revolutions per mile. The larger tire goes around 607.8 revolutions over the same mile. That's about 21 revolutions per minute...
  11. HELP PLS!!!! Jeep Service Center returned my JLU with NO OIL after routine oil change.

    Yes, quite likely the tolerances are different. But it was the larger clearances that made the difference.
  12. Aluminum soft shackle recovery rings?

    $80 without a doubt. But this is the only attempt at an objective comparison I could find.
  13. Aluminum soft shackle recovery rings?

    If you are stuck it's probably better to run a single pulley (double line) and a bridle on two attach points of the front to split the load on both horns of the frame. Sometimes we know we just need a little tug to get going, but if there's any likelyhood of a hard pull, having it setup for a...
  14. Aluminum soft shackle recovery rings?

    You shouldn't snap the line just from applying the force of a pulley or two. It would equallly distribute the load on each leg of the pull]]
  15. Tire load rating - E rated tires?

    True...empty. It has a 1100 useful load, which includes fuel, passengers, gear. However, many owners that have modified them, typically go over that significantly, with winch, large tires, heavy bumper, skid plates, rock sliders, tire carriers, axle truss, heavy diff covers, fuel cans, water...
  16. Tire load rating - E rated tires?

    FYI, your JL Unlimited is no "light weight ". Think 5500-6000 lbs.
  17. Sun Visor Fix

    I'm at about the 3 year mark since fixing both of mine. So far, they are holding up. I use them like a rental car.