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  1. Start/Stop not Ready, Battery Charging

    Same thing happened to my wife's Grand Cherokee L. They swapped out several sensors and nothing worked until they replaced both batteries. Even though the batteries would charge, the draw down rate was super quick and then they would stay at 30% which is fine for everything else except the...
  2. Anyone remove light bar when not wheeling?

    How often do you wheel at night? That thing would make a ton of wind noise. I have driven in a few Jeeps with light bars and the noise would not be worth it for me for the few times you actually use the light bar.
  3. Constant dead battery issues with my 21 JLU Diesel

    I agree, chased my wife's for a year and a half. They swapped out sensors that cost much more than the battery and continued to say the battery was fine. Finally took it to another dealer that swapped out the battery under warranty and everything on my wifes Grand Cherokee L has worked since...
  4. Should JL stay or should it go?

    Sell the Jeep and buy a Bronco. I heard they give better financial advice on their forums.
  5. Constant dead battery issues with my 21 JLU Diesel

    This happened with my wife's 2022 Grand Cherokee L with the 3.6 and start/stop. Her start/stop would not work from the day we bought it. Kept taking it in and they could not figure it out, swapped out all the sensors and would send us home. Within a few days it would not work again. We took it...
  6. My Jeep failed PA inspection because..

    I was just driving through the emissions testing station here in Denver with my daughter and asked her the same thing. Why would anyone want this job, it is cold, repetitive, smelly, and does not pay anymore than Target or Walmart. I am not putting those people down as I am glad they are working...
  7. A Public Service Announcement... Thread Dilution

    I still can't decide what to name my Jeep or if I should go with 4.88's or 5.13's, is this relevant to the discussion?
  8. where to go mid-March? AR, AZ, TX, NM, UT

    We are going to Vegas and then Sand Hollow during that time. Sedona and Moab are hit or miss for weather during March.
  9. My Jeep failed PA inspection because..

    When I lived in PA, if you had lights on the bumpers, even aftermarket, they had to work. And if they worked, they had to go off with the high beams and the rears could only go on with the reverse lights. Stupid law that the dealerships and some stickler inspection centers would nab you on like...
  10. My Jeep failed PA inspection because..

    You get charged for each vehicle by the state. You have to pay this each year to get your plates renewed. It is paid to the DMV. Older vehicles like my daughters 2001 XJ are around $100, but for the first 5-7 years on a newer vehicle of $60,000-$70,000 MSRP you pay nearly $1,000 each year and it...
  11. TazerJL Feature Requests

    I have not heard if Tazer was able to figure out the dash gear indicator yet for swapped 392 steering wheels. I made the request along with a few others early last year. What I am referring to is that once you swap in a 392 steering wheel and make the adjustments for the paddle shifter, Tazer...
  12. My Jeep failed PA inspection because..

    Glad to hear you were able to work it out. Never take them to the dealership. In the dealerships defense, they are held to a higher standard and have much more to lose if they fail a secret inspection by the state. Without the inspection station it makes it difficult for them to pass through...
  13. Reverse Camera quit working after I installed spare tire mounting kit.

    Try jiggling the cable. I have to jiggle and then bend my cable a certain way to get it to work. It does not take much to mess up that connection. My local dealer screwed mine up when they took off my spare to rotate the tires. Never letting them do that again.
  14. Looking for pigtails. Park assist retrofit

    I would check the local junk yard to see if you can find the other side. LKQ is another place to check as I have not seen a bunch of JL's at the yards yet. I keep looking though! Around here we have several junk yards but there are guys there that work it full time taking all the good stuff off...
  15. Are "Expensive" Tires Even Worth It?

    Most all of those youtubers have also moved to a different tire as well...
  16. Are "Expensive" Tires Even Worth It?

    Ok, I get that, but they are still short when measured with a tape measure compared to other brands 37" tires on the exact same rims, on the exact same vehicle, with the exact same tire pressure and that is what we are talking about here, not revolutions per mile.
  17. Are "Expensive" Tires Even Worth It?

    Undertand your point, but the fact is that they are significantly under the posted size. You seem to be going off of posted numbers. The posted numbers are what we are disputing. I have had several sets of various BFG tires and they all measure smaller than the factory numbers. My most recent...
  18. Are "Expensive" Tires Even Worth It?

    Listed and true height spread out over 569 revolutions seems a bit irrelevant. The height is what most people are going for to help with clearance under the pumpkin. The fact is, BFG is more than a quarter inch off and that is well documented. You are correct, over a mile, it is not that big of...
  19. Are "Expensive" Tires Even Worth It?

    This is a good point that I never thought about. However, some vehicles are getting the Goodyear Wranglers and they are closer to posted size. I don't think BFG has a different model for Ford than they do for Jeep.
  20. Going to 4.88 or 5.13 for 37s?

    When my lockers stopped working (known issue fixed by Tazor), they immediately offered to replace the axles. Was ridiculous as it is just oil in the sensor, but apparently the sensors were on backorder and the axles were not. Anyway, they knew I had the gear change and were still going to...