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  1. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    Listen, I love stickers, freedom of speech and don't judge kinks as long as they're safe. I also regret having eyes today. Stolen from r/heep on Reddit.
  2. New RIVAL Stamped Steel Modular Bumper

    ⅖ Ya. No clue.
  3. Spare Tire One Inch Smaller

    Most donut spares are smaller than normals. You're fine.
  4. Hard top vs Soft top pros and cons?

    Ok. Lol. Not sure why you quoted me though. In saying that, 15 min to remove freedom panels is ridiculous and 10 min to install the soft top windows is also about 5 min too long.
  5. Set OEM LEDs always ON (Except Headlights) in AUTO

    JScan has a lot of LED options.
  6. Best way to stop a thief from towing your Jeep?

    Gonna cut and paste a post I made elsewhere. We currently have a theft ring running from Toronto to Montreal. There is a major port in Montreal ran by corruption so it's easy to get them sent to Africa. Oddly enough, we have seen 4Xe's get abandoned once the piece of shit thieves realise...
  7. New RIVAL Stamped Steel Modular Bumper

    Didn't go through the thread but isnt this just a front bumper? If so, there are no parking sensors out front. If there is a rear though, you could easily make your own holes and they buy corresponding inserts from FDA to mount OEM rear sensors.
  8. TPMS sensor…missing?

    Did he book you in for a warranty repair? It could be a dead sensor. That's a Jeep problem though, not a "you" problem. Is that the spare that was rotated in that's dead? Swap them and see if it goes away.
  9. Thoughts on new rear bumper

    Oh, I fully understand. I have your tire carrier and it's literally one of the nicest mods I've done. Whoever your welder is, they're not being paid enough. Lol.
  10. D&C Designs Lucid VSL Lights

  11. Lost several systems at once

    I hate to ask, but it was disconnected before metering, right?
  12. Lost several systems at once

    How did you check aux voltage?
  13. XR Xtreme Recon and High Tide -- tire pressure lesson learned

    Google "tire chalk test" to find a happy medium.
  14. Modding the front of my jeep

    I was JUST thinking that a 50" light bar will compliment that grill quite nicely. Don't stop there either. You can mount one above your windshield and a second below it on the cowl. Ensure you tell any local airports that you're available to help planes land in case of a power outage as well.
  15. Thoughts on new rear bumper

    Insanity. Definitely bring it to someone's attention. There is so much wrong there. Did your plate look like it came from Kabul after a fighting patrol before the install as well or did they do that to it too? You paid for a service, that service is no where near as good and you would have...
  16. Modding the front of my jeep

    Normally, I'd have a comment about Americans always thinking everything is about them. In this case though, they're all yours. ;)
  17. Modding the front of my jeep

    Mustn't comment. Clenches....teeth.....eye twitching........
  18. Thoughts on new rear bumper

    That's the best "paying sponsor vendor" reply we could hope for I think. ;) Lol
  19. Strange Steering Issue?

    Welcome to the forum. Don't really understand. How does something you're in control of "feel like it wants to turn sharper"? You bought it used and it came with those tires or did you add them? What's been done to the Jeep otherwise? What offset on wheels or stock?
  20. Thoughts on new rear bumper

    What did you pay for all of this? Including "labour"?