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  1. Pics of oem Mopar Steel bumper with winch setup?

    Warn Evo 10S with bulldog winch plate. No need for spacers at all. Warn mid-height winch guard. I wasn’t crazy about how the frame rails show a lot behind the bumper. So I took the front bumper rear finishing panel from a plastic bumper and cut it to shape around the winch and installed it…...
  2. Uconnect 8.4 Screen Delamination

    Unfortunately, Jeep cares don't care about Canadians. Pun intended :)
  3. Uconnect 8.4 Screen Delamination

    Excatly what I thought it was... I removed the protector to see that it was the darn screen.
  4. Uconnect 8.4 Screen Delamination

    Wow, would you mind sharing or Pm the Information and name of whiever it is thatdeslth with you about this so I can contact the right place from the beginning. Thanks, that is greay news. Mine has started to delaminate but so far the radio doesnt go nuts and it still responds to screen touch...
  5. Installed Rugged Ridge Venator Bumper

    The Venator is certainly a nice bumper. It does look best on a Sahara, Moab or Sport however where it meets the fenders like it was obviously intended to. On Rubicons the Venator is still nice, but the gap between the bumper wings and fenders don't look quite as nice. I wish they had made Rubi...
  6. To those with the new Xtreme recon package

    Hey, I have the 3.6 and 4.56 Yukon gears are what I went with last spring. You are right that theu work absolutely great with 35s.
  7. Would like some input on trade vs upgrade

    Whether you trade axles on your Sport or trade on a Rubicon, you’ll need to regear for 37s, unless the rubi axles you wanna put on your Sport already have 4.88s
  8. Seattle 2023 Earl JLUR XR Build

    Great, I think that's important info for the guys planning to run the same bumper/winch combo.... To avoid having to repostion it after initial install :like:
  9. Seattle 2023 Earl JLUR XR Build

    And looking at your pic again, is it just the pic or you can't spin your winch to freespool ? My brother has the EVO Warn winch and frespool is at 6 O'Clock so no problem, but the the Badland APEX is all the way to 3 O'Clock and the pic suggests that it won't work.
  10. Seattle 2023 Earl JLUR XR Build

    Wow, looks awesome. FYI, if you live in a winter climate.... My brother has the same bumper on his 4xe and last week he asked me for my Linex contact. After a mere 2 months on winter salted and sanded roads, he says he needs to sand it and go have it sprayed in Linex. I should see him soon, so...
  11. Seattle 2023 Earl JLUR XR Build

    That bumper looks great. The first picture makes it look like you painted the skid plate EARL color. That'd be sick... Paint it EARL and go get it covered in PPF:rock: What was the suspension impact of the weight of the bumper/winch combo ?
  12. Trade in Values tanking

    I sure pray to God that your vision of the futur is the right one. Time will tell I guess.
  13. Trade in Values tanking

    Sure hope you're right, but my take is that the closer we get to that obligated technological turn, the less ICE vehicles will be worth do to the fact that oil companies are huge investors in Electric EV technology..... and since oil demand will deminish, so will production and therefore gas...
  14. Trade in Values tanking

    And lets not forget the feared electric turn is approaching fast. The closer we get, the less ICE vehicles will be worth. I don’t get the people ordering new expensive Jeeps these days, especially if you’re gonna finance it long term. By the time they’re paid, they’ll hardly be worth anything...
  15. Which winch hook/shackle do you guys recommend.

    Yes, I ended up getting the same thing. Incredible the prices for American made stuff…. $200-$300 for flat links and hooks and same for fairleads… it’s the 1/4 or even 1/2 the price of some winches FFS!!! No wonder people buy the cheaper stuff at 20% of these prices 🤷‍♂️. Send me one for free...
  16. Which winch hook/shackle do you guys recommend.

    I really like your attention to details, I see I’ not alone👍 yes thanks, should be here by Saturday👍
  17. Which winch hook/shackle do you guys recommend.

    I really like the clean look, but can totally see myself busting a knee on that going around my Jeep in the garage….. otherwise, I was lesning towards this one.
  18. Which winch hook/shackle do you guys recommend.

    Yeah price makes sense, that way if it gets damaged, it's really no big deal.... $20 buys another one. Have you put it to the test ???