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  1. GMC Hummer loses it in Moab

    Watch a GMC Hummer EV Break Down and Lose Drive While Off-Roading in Moab This Hummer EV lost drive at the worst possible moment. Theoretically, electric vehicles are supposed to be more reliable than their gas-burning counterparts. There are fewer moving parts, which means fewer variables when...
  2. Is this for real?

    So I got 221 mi on my 2023 JLR. I ordered the 4:88 gears and it came with those 33 in tires. So I pick up a set of Fuel Wheels 9.5 in wide and a set of GY DuraTrac 35 in tires and it made a world of difference. Caught a sale down at Sam's club and they installed the tires on the new wheels no...
  3. What's in your backyard for Christmas

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Greater & Better New Year Pic taken at 0730, 69 F, Port Charlotte FL
  4. Wheels, Tires % Ratios

    My JLR rolled in a couple of weeks ago and one of my options made the cut...4:88. Wishing Jeep had thrown in the bigger meats but no, got the little boy shorts aka 33s. 4:88s and 33s is NOT a good combo unless being the Red Light Bandit is your game. Having run just about every ratio there is...
  5. 3.6 Performance Chip installed??

    I had one on my JKR Recon and WOW, was a difference it made. But bought it used and it came with the chip. Just took delivery of my 2023 3.6 JLR. What performance chip is any using? Looking at this: https://www.chipyourcar.com/product/jeep-performance-chip/
  6. Looking for 35 x 17 tires JLR

    Want to move to 35s, from the 33s that came on my 2023 JLR. Live FL, no off roading here its mud and flatter than my first girlfriend with out her bra. But I do have acreage then I need to drive on with my trailer just ranch stuff. I like the BFGs that came on my JLR, but I want a 35 to go...
  7. 2023 Rubicon First Drive Impressions

    Picked up new rig last night at the dealer, it ordered by me, its well optioned just about everything except the Cold Weather option and leather seats...I live in S Florida. This is my(personal) 5th Rubicon and have racked up over 175k on them with my 2003 just short of hitting the 100k mark...
  8. Death on the trail

    This post is to give you some pause to stop and think in hopes the next time you are past the curb you consider are we doing the right thing and are we doing it with safety. I have this happen. We wheeling with a group and a guy got stuck, threw a strap loop over his trailer ball and hooked it...
  9. Only REAL Jeeps have 2 entries

    Glad I found this forum. 4 doors, just posers with a Jeep sticker I bought a 4 door once, Rubicon Hard Rock Edition, keep it 3 mo and dumped it.