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  1. Wind noise in area of B pillar on hardtop

    Anyone figure out how to reduce or stop the wind noise Above the b pillar?
  2. Rear axle bearing shot?

    On a trip a couple of weeks ago to Joshua Tree Nat. park I noticed an annoying sort of thunking rattle in the rear of the Jeep. The other day I did a search for it. After about an hour and several trips up and down my dirt road with my wife in the back, I narrowed it down to the DS rear wheel...
  3. Navigation maps outdated

    I just got my 2022 Rubicon last week and was using the navigation map. I realized that it’s clearly outdated by several years. Can’t believe it’s that old. U Connect site has updates listed for only 2021 which I would assume I have.
  4. Shiny Tires from Dealer Rant

    Why do dealers think they have to put that shiny crap on new Jeeps or for that matter any new vehicle? I can’t stand that stuff. The first dirt road you hit and poof, the tires look 20 yrs old. That’s one of the first things I do when I get a new vehicle, wash off that crap.
  5. Is there or is there not a owners manual

    I have searched but cannot find whether there is a real written owners manual included in the new Wranglers. Some say they found one in their new Wranglers and then some say no??
  6. Receiver size

    i Ordered a JLURD with the tow package. Does this really come with a pissant 1 1/4“ receiver ?