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  1. Cherokee on the chopping block?

  2. Are cars becoming unserviceable?

    I hope he is wrong. Because if he is right then only the Camry and F150 owners have any hope in a future of unreliable supply chains.
  3. Leak in Rhino Rack Backbone front pads

    Before I start investigating, anyone else develop leaks in the first set of pads (the ones attached to roll bar) on their Backbone system? Mine have been dry during their first two years but seem to have sprung a leak.
  4. Vehicle ladders useless?

    Can someone explain why some 4Runners and Defenders have a ladder attached to them? I just step up on the tires or the bumper of my Wrangler when I need to access the cargo hardware on top. Those SUV roof ladders seem useless and also undersized. I can understand why a conversion van or...
  5. Case for Camp Chef 2 burner stove?

    I’m not liking the nylon bag that came with my Camp Chef Explorer model 2 burner stove. Can’t believe they sell it separately for $44. Anyone out there find a case that might be suitable? Doesn’t have to be outdoor-grade like a Pelican/Hardigg or Roam Adventure Gear. If the Plano Sportsman...
  6. Attempted carjacking of a JLU?

  7. Successor to GoFast Superlite?

    The short-lived GoFast Camper Superlite barely lasted a year on the market. Maybe Badass Tents will fill the gap with this 90 lb, American made RTT? https://badasstents.com/badass-tents-packout-molle-tent-pmt/
  8. Stellantis to exit Jeep JV in China

    https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/stellantis-end-jeep-production-china-093000526.html ~$300M charge to unwind the joint venture which has never been profitable since its inception in 2010. Regarding such JV’s that most of the foreign car makers were forced to do, Admiral Akbar said it best...
  9. Great footage on YouTube

    Watch from 1:55 to 2:20. I like keeping my Jeep minimally laden so the fat overlanding rig is not my style but the video footage shows exactly what I love about Jeepin.
  10. Hope for future battery replacements

    Stellantis CEO Tavares has been measured in his communications about automobile electrification but he has quietly been making serious investments in an electrified future. Yet another example from yesterday...
  11. Would you still buy 4xe today with $11k price difference?

    If you were one of the earlier buyers of the Sahara 4xe, knowing what you know now after a few miles under the belt would you still feel today’s $11k price difference between V6 and 4xe is worth it?
  12. Reputable shop for regear near Bay Area?

    My factory warranty will expire later this year. Time to plan for regear. Any recommendations for trustworthy shops near San Jose?
  13. Yikes! Pricing for iKamper batwing awning 2x Rhino Rack

    https://ikamper.com/products/exoshell-270/ Awning in a hard shell is a great idea that seems like a no-brainer compared to all the fabric awning bags but the price is crazy.
  14. Repairing exposed surfaces on hardtop

    I have the plain black hardtop that has a few small (~1/4”) spots where the black surface has worn away and the white composite material underneath is exposed. Suggestions on suitable protection to prevent further wear? Automotive touch up paint?
  15. JL alternative that can tow 5000 lb with ease?

    If you had to swap your Wrangler for an off-road capable vehicle that could comfortably tow 5000 lbs what would you choose?
  16. Savage Geese says ‘you must buy this Jeep... because [392] is amazing'

    “… you have to buy it because [392] is amazing.” Even avowed non-Jeep guys are impressed.
  17. Battle for the soul of consumer vehicles

    Stellantis CEO makes a lot of sense in this interview with Yahoo Finance. He’s fundamentally decided that being a realist is the better strategy than being a visionary when it comes to being the head of a major auto maker. I probably will be looking to make a BEV my next car purchase (which...
  18. Fraudulent warranty telemarketers

    Maybe some relief is on the way: https://www.autoblog.com/2022/02/15/ftc-robocalls-extended-auto-warranties /
  19. Plaudits for the 3.6 Pentastar

    Solid endorsement about this engine in the sister product, the Grand Cherokee. Reviewers are also positive about the mechanical underpinnings and the overall 4WD smarts of the system.
  20. Body on frame SUV called Mohave

    Ain’t coming to the US though.