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  1. Engine making clicky clacky noises and vibrating. What do you think is wrong with it?

    Since I've seen one of these already, I thought I'd see what the forum crowd thinks. :)
  2. Smoothing out the back edge of the front bumper?

    Any suggestion on how to do that? Sandpaper maybe? Every time I wash my jeep I accidentally cut myself on the edge of the bumper because it's hella sharp! Like I'll be wiping down the grille and accidentally bump into the stupid thing. It sucks!
  3. Any way to have the nav app default to the map?

    I've noticed if I leave the navigation app open when I shut the jeep off, it doesn't return to the map screen when I start it back up. Instead, it goes to the menu.
  4. Aries Actiontrac running boards: Really low torque numbers on the bolts?

    The bolts that go on the pinch weld seam call for 7ft-lbs and the bolts that go on the bottom holes call for 3ft-lbs. But.... they're supposed to be able to hold 600lbs?! Really? I guess the bolts are more of a hold-in-place measure, since it looks like the weight will be held more by shear...
  5. First impressions after 3 hours of driving home on PCH

    So today I picked up an ocean blue 2020 Rubicon Unlimited, and it's fantastic! Since we've been discussing things and comparing notes around here, I thought I'd finally add mine, now that I've spent a few hours in it. I'm coming from a 2015 Sahara Unlimited. First off, it's a 3.6L with...