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  1. Real world, loss of warranty due to modifications.

    After receiving weekly emails encouraging me to purchase the Mopar extended warranty, I decided to call them. I really wanted to purchase an extended warranty. I specifically asked about lifts, and their response was it will void coverage. That knowledge, combined with a nasty local service...
  2. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    It’s always a happy day when the JL is in its natural environment 😁.
  3. Solved: Clunk in front end when sway bar connected

    Don't feel bad- I was hearing the same little clunk on my Sport. I was planning on re-torquing everything under the front end, until I had an unscheduled off-road trip. Sure enough when I got to the driver side quick disconnect, the pin was obviously loose. No clunk while disconnected off-road...
  4. Do You Mind Getting Trail Scratches?

    First application of “desert pinstriping” was within my first two weeks of ownership. Just part of the territory in my neighborhood. No soft and fluffy vegetation. Bright white tends to hide them pretty well. I even managed to pinstripe the hard top a few weeks ago. Thankfully I didn’t kiss the...
  5. 2021 Rubicon XR mods and stuff

    Awesome build thread. Ideas, info, and humor. Very fun to follow. Then just when I thought it couldn’t get much better, it did! It’s comforting to know we have the same security system for our Jeeps 😉.
  6. The Lowly 2 door Sport Club!

    Kudos to “the lowly 2-dr Sport.” I’ve been making some runs with Rubicons on some pretty challenging trails, and the the sport has hung in there with the “big boys.” Even without lockers or 37-39” tires, it performs like a champ. It’s also kinda fun being the underdog on a trail run.
  7. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Great day. Kabba Mine, Moss Wash, Gold King Mansion.
  8. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    Always trying to protect the vulnerable stuff. Installed Rusty's 2.0L engine skid and the frame-side LCA skids. The pinch bolt on the passenger side LCA skid is a bear because of limited clearance with the fuel tank skid. Engine skid is a really easy install.
  9. Tire Deflators

    I've been using the Staun deflators for about six months. Always accurate and I've been very happy with them. The initial cost stings a little, but it's been money well spent for me.
  10. Will my tires rub?

    My primary concern would be rubbing the LCA's at 5" backspacing. Personally I would make sure I clear the suspension components, then if wheeling the fender liners or fenders are an issue, that's easier to correct.
  11. HELP... Tapping in an aux light - fried something?

    According to the diagram, if you place the 20A fuse in the #43 position, the 12V socket should have power even with the ignition/acc off. In other words, there will be power at the fuse box and the socket in the "always on" setting.
  12. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    Good day for a few simple projects. Rusty’s rear LCA skids, Metalcloak 1” bump stop, muffler delete.
  13. Stubby Bumper, Factory LED Fogs, Factory Front Camera

    I saw this bumper from Relentless at Overland Expo. Well built and meets your criteria. Nice people too. https://www.relentlessfabrication.com/collections/jeep/products/jeep-2018-jl-2020-jt-gladiator-front-bumper
  14. 2022 Jeep Wrangler 4-Door Tips Over Again In IIHS Crash Test

    i suspect that’s for the camera. In a frontal/offset collision, the head restraint is not a functional safety device. IIHS has other tests that specifically measure head restraint geometry. Proper head restraint geometry and function is of utmost importance in rear end collisions.
  15. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    A nice Sunday drive on Sleeping Princess.
  16. Happy Caster

    I’m wondering now too. The specs I’ve seen for the Sport are 5.35 +/- 1.
  17. Happy Caster

    I had the Jeep alignment checked today because I had the left front tire wearing a little funny. To my surprise the caster is around 8°! I’m running a 2.5” Teraflex lift with the fixed LCA’s, and based upon measuring advice here in the forum I thought it was around 6°. It’s driven well with the...
  18. Who is camping or going to Overland Expo West next week in Flagstaff Arizona?

    I was there yesterday- I spent quite a bit of time looking over his JL bumpers and chatting with the crew. Very ingenious high quality stuff.
  19. CavFab Predator Series JL / JLU Winch Bumper

    Predator with winch hoop. Well worth the wait.