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  1. It's a 2022, but is it a JL?

    Also: Lift or no lift? Which one? What size tires can it run stock? What brand? Hard top or soft top? Anyone got one? Which winch? Want to get him started out the right way.
  2. Electric Power Steering Calibration?

    My '21 JLR started pulling to the right a couple of weeks after I ran the Rubicon Trail. It was fine on the 800+ mile drive home from California. Took it to a couple of very capable, trusted shops. The first one said that caster was perfect, toe was just a bit off, and suggested that I rotate...
  3. The dreaded drain plug on the bottom is no longer there

    Updated with pics: After buying a new JLR in January, then having to buy another new one in December (see below for a link explaining), it looks like Jeep either made a mid-year change in the front axles, or they are putting different axles on 3.6's than on 2.0's. The one on my 2.0 had the drain...
  4. Lessons learned from 8-month old '21 JLR 2.0L catching fire (fire extinguisher, buy-back, insurance)

    I bought it in January of 2021, and upgraded it over the next 7 months. Lift, tires, wheels, bumpers, etc. Note that nothing was routed through the wiring harness, though. I'm very picky about things like that. I took it wheeling a few times at local ORV parks. It was perfect. In late September...
  5. Washington Sold: Rubicon Wheels and BFG tires - New Takeoffs $2300

    5 Jeep Rubicon wheels including TPMS and BFG KO2 285/70/17 33" tires. Taken off new Rubicon. 4 Tires have less than 150 miles, spare has 0. Wheels are in pristine shape. No lugs. Cash or Venmo only. Local pickup within 30 miles of Bellingham, WA or buyer responsible for all shipping.
  6. Washington Sold: Oracle Oculus Bi-LED headlights for JL/JT

    Like new Oracle Oculus Bi-LED headlights for Jeep JL/JT. Awesome upgrade for your Jeep! Part number 5839-504-PAU. Used 2 months, then replaced entire Jeep with one that has factory LED. Plugs into factory harness. Includes wiring harness for DRL light...
  7. Mopar 2" lift - 2.0 vs 3.6 difference?

    Long, sad story that I will post more on in a later post, but...I have a Mopar 2" lift that I bought and installed on a JLR with the 2.0L 4 cylinder that I am now selling back to Stellantis (again, later post). Of course, Stellantis will not pay me for the mods I put on it. I bought another JLR...
  8. Washington Sold: Mopar 2" lift kit lower control arms $65

    Front lower control arms from Mopar 2" lift kit. Like new, barely used (<50 miles). $65 cash or Venmo. Local pick up or buyer arranges for shipping.
  9. Yet another dealer trying to price gouge.

    Took my JLR to the dealer for its first free oil change and walked around the lot while waiting. They have quite a few new JL's and JT's on the lot, which surprised me...until I started looking at the stickers. ALL of them had this $10k-ish markup over MSRP. No wonder they have so many unsold...
  10. Washington Sold: Rubicon suspension and cool crate

    '21 Jeep Rubicon 2-door factory suspension. Like new condition with approximately 6,000 miles on the odometer and minimal offroading so far. Includes the cool Jeep crate that my new 2" lift came in. Cash or Venmo only. Local pick up or buyer arranges for delivery.
  11. Anyone put 2-door Rubi suspension on a 4-door Sport?

    I'm assuming you can't since I see different part numbers for 2d vs. 4d new kits, but thought I would ask the forum.
  12. Washington Sold: Rubicon wheels and BFG tires

    Taken off '21 Rubicon. 6K miles on 4, 0 miles on spare. Includes lugs, but no TPMS. A couple of the wheels have minor scratches. $900. Cash only. Local pickup in Bellingham or buyer arranges shipping.
  13. SOLD Rubicon Wheels and Tires - BFG KO2, 6K miles

    Taken off a '21 Rubicon. 6K miles on 4, 0 miles on spare. A couple of the wheels have minor scratches. $900. Cash only. Local pickup (Bellingham) or buyer arranges shipping.
  14. UConnect update: what you don't see much

    I got the much feared message that my UConnect was going to update a couple of days ago. After reading a LOT of posts on this forum about how bad the update was (frozen screen, can't start the Jeep, causes rapid hair loss, etc.) I was expecting the worst. Instead, the update installed without a...
  15. MoparOnline is not even trying to hide their price gouging

    I've been going back and forth on a lift for my '21 JLR, and decided to check in with Mopar to look at their 2" lift again. I've viewed it a few times in the past, and was dismayed at this today. $201 OVER MSRP. Can't blame it on overzealous resellers, now can they?
  16. 2-door, 2.0 '21 Rubicon skid plates

    There's not a lot of info on the forums about this, and not a lot of options, so I thought I'd start a thread for those looking for answers. So far, here's what I have found and installed successfully: Rear differential -Got a Rancho one from Quadratec. Installed very easily. Lower control arms...
  17. Washington 2-door JL sliders off of Rubicon - like new

    OEM sliders from 2021 2-door Rubicon. Never met a rock. See pics for part numbers. Cash only. Bellingham area.
  18. Washington Sold: JL OEM Plastic Bumper with air dam and skid plate2

    OEM front bumper from 1-month old JL Rubicon. Metal with plastic cover version. In perfect condition. Includes recovery hooks, air dam, license plate holder and metal skid plate for sway bar. Most plastic clips are intact. No shipping. Local pick up only. $250
  19. Who is using the Curt Custom Towed-Vehicle RV Wiring Harness for flat towing on a JL?

    I know this harness has been mentioned in several posts, but I wanted to find information from someone who has (1) actually installed one, and (2) has enough experience towing with it to give a meaningful review. I am setting up my '21 JLR up for flat towing, and have reached the stage where I...