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  1. Synergy track bar install (pre production)

    I am no longer with Synergy. I'd recommend contacting them directly.
  2. Synergy Jeep JL / JLU / JT Front Track Bar and Sector Shaft Brace

    Appreciate the tag, however I am no longer with Synergy. If anyone has any problems with Synergy products, it is always best to contact them directly.
  3. Synergy MFG 2" Lift Starter System

    Yes, they are actually in process now and will be out around the end of the year. The delays on these weren't simply due to Covid. We had a lot of difficulty getting vendors to be cooperative with what we wanted/needed and we had to start the entire process over several times.
  4. Synergy MFG 2" Lift Starter System

    Yes, it absolutely should not be doing that and It would be very dangerous to leave it like that. Like others said, it would be a good idea to make sure the knuckle end is threaded in as far as it can go, so you can get a little more stick out on the adjuster side and try to line the slots up...
  5. Synergy MFG 2" Lift Starter System

    We use a single plane tie rod end on the pitman arm side that prevents excessive movement of the bar. The knuckle side tie rod end is a full misalignment tie rod end to prevent any chance of binding throughout the suspension and steering travel. I would need to see what your pitman arm side tie...
  6. Trackbar relocation bracket needed?

    I understand and I know that many of our estimated due dates have changed multiple times. These are welded and just have to go to powder coat which takes about a week, then packaging. We are constantly asked for eta's and they are always the best estimate we have with the information available...
  7. Trackbar relocation bracket needed?

    We have gotten really behind on these due to Covid-19. The whole shop has been operating at significantly reduced capacity. We are hoping to have them out to our dealers within the next few weeks. Thanks, and we apologize for the wait.
  8. Trackbar relocation bracket needed?

    Yes, your stock track bars can limit flex. They are also underbuilt once you lift and add larger (and heavier) wheels and tires. For our 2" lifts we recommend the rear track bar relocation bracket to raise your rear roll center and improve handling and it also happens to center your rear axle...
  9. Synergy MFG 2" Lift Starter System

    No eta currently. We're pretty backlogged at the moment due to Covid-19 and most of the staff working remotely if possible. Not quite sure when things will open back up and we can get back to full capacity. Right now, we are just trying to fill backorders.
  10. Swaybar Quick Disco for Sport w/ Rubi Suspension

    I'm not sure what you are using to decide the correct sway bar link length, but for most lifts, the angle of the sway bar is a result of fitment and not so much desired angle. First and foremost, make sure the sway bar link lengths are not so long they get into the inner fenders/body at full up...
  11. Synergy MFG Heavy Duty Steering is Here!!!

    I assume you have an aftermarket Ultimate Dana 44 axle like the previous poster in this thread. Adjusting the steering stops might work, but keep in mind that the stock stabilizer bracket is no longer required with our tie rod since the stabilizer gets relocated. On the stock axle housing the...
  12. Sway Bar Quick Disconnect Recommendations?

    The resi hose just goes in front of the disconnect bracket on the frame side. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures right now.
  13. Sway Bar Quick Disconnect Recommendations?

    8855-01 is our front track bar relocation bracket on the axle side in our installed pictures. It also relocates the sway bar link up so you can use the quick disconnects. It is not released yet but will be very soon with our 3" Stage 3 Suspension System.
  14. Sway Bar Quick Disconnect Recommendations?

    These are up on our website now. Dealers will start getting them very soon.
  15. PSC Big Bore Gear Box Sector Shaft Brace

    For everyone who already has the PSC Big Bore Steering Gear Box or is planning on getting one, we now have a sector shaft nut that will allow you to use the Synergy Sector Shaft Brace with it. This nut will need to be purchased in addition to the Sector Shaft Brace Kit. These nuts are in stock...
  16. front diff skid?

    It may not be obvious from our picture, but that Jeep is on a lift with the suspension drooped out to better show the track bar. The video on the product page I linked does a pretty good job comparing our track bar to the stock one.
  17. front diff skid?

    Our front track bar clears with the Motobilt diff covers and we are running all adjustable control arms on a 3" lift with 37's for the vehicle in the installed photos here.
  18. Sway Bar Quick Disconnect Recommendations?

    There are just a few things to finish before listing them online. They'll be up for preorder before they are ready to start shipping though.
  19. Sway Bar Quick Disconnect Recommendations?

    They will be shipping next month. I'll have a more exact date once we get closer. Hopefully before the middle of the month. With everything happening with the virus, things are going to be taking longer than normal for a while.