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  1. Tire size recommendation

    Regear for sure. 100%
  2. Jeep just updated website with HUGE price increases to the Wrangler options.

    Not sure why anyone is surprised that prices increase 10%+ PA with inflation at the same rate. In effect they are just keeping up in real terms. Blame the government for trillions in spending, not Jeep. Elections have consequences..
  3. Full XR Take-Off Suspension or Mopar 2in Lift (2-Door Willys Sport)?

    100% go aftermarket unless you diy a really cheap setup.. Because you will end up upgrading anyway..
  4. Tire size recommendation

    4.88 gears with 35s imo
  5. DSTRAC ultra 70 axle review

    Quite right :) 5.38 FTW. I dont think 5.86 can be programed, at least Ive not seen 5.86 in Tazer or Flashcal+
  6. DSTRAC ultra 70 axle review

    I would have gone at least 5.13:1
  7. Gorilla Glass Cracking **UPDATE: covered under warranty**

    Well the price for gorilla glass has gone up. It was like $75 or $95 when I got mine. Of course, mine also cracked. The dealer first told me to go to the local glass shop, but I pressed the issue and got a new screen. Im not sure its another 2 year warranty, or just 2 years from the purchase...
  8. DSTRAC ultra 70 axle review

    Dude out at Winter 4x4 Jamboree from NV also had a similar story. Ordered axles months ago, they lied about the delivery date and have now blocked him. He is doing a credit card chargeback. At least that was his story, which I have no reason to doubt given the above. I would love to buy too...
  9. How did you break in your JL upon delivery?

    Nah, IMO the best idea is to set cruise control otherwise you look like a tool. BUT use the manual shift in the jeep to shift the gears up and down to vary rpm. Works great, then you really can vary RPM any time and anywhere while going on the interstate or highway etc.
  10. “Service Axle Locker System” Light On

    There is a tech note for it. I took a copy into the dealer and they sorted it out.
  11. California 2022 392 XR 6,100mi Hard Top w/ Bonnets & Winch - $85k

    Watching in case pricing heads under 80k..
  12. Bottomed out my 22 JLURXR today - It was some crazy XTREME offorading

    Stock XR bumps are ok for 37's... with high line fenders. Otherwise at full stuff you will still rub. Even then you will still rub.. But bear in mind uptravel in the XR sucks. I have a 3.5 lift and uptravel still sucks. Though I do a lot of offroad.. slowly.. Girly mall crawlers will be fine...
  13. “Service Axle Locker System” Light On

    +1 for the zauto bypasses. They work! Also good to have one spare on hand for if/when your OEM sensor dies. Just get the dealer to diag and order, then you can run around with the bypass in until they get the sensor in for the repair. Near zero downtime. Obviously, an even better solution for...
  14. Greasing the Seldom Seen Flat Zerk

    Like I said it does fit.. But whatever you do. Do not ring them and ask!
  15. Greasing the Seldom Seen Flat Zerk

    Intersetingly Terraflex suggested to me that the JK shaft would fit. I forget the minor issue they mentioned, but in theory it will fit. Hit them up for the details. But I ended up just getting one with the MC lift otherwise I would have tested out the JK shaft.. MC label their JL shaft as JK...
  16. So.. About using rear shocks on the front

    Thanks all. Yes the mc and rocksports are good. But if i go bigger tires and bump down then in theory I could add droop etc. Using rears in the front etc gives more options.
  17. Is upgraded steering needed with Mc 3.5’’ lift

    Works fine with stock steering, though no doubt the MC is stronger and more robust. I'm running 37s