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  1. Mopar LCA swap

    Pushing the axle I struggled but rolling the tire I found made it much easier.
  2. Good Reading...CP4.2 HPFP -- How You Can Keep Your CP4.2 High-pressure Fuel Pump Off the Scrap Pile

    First time I did mine I followed the manuals recommendation and it took a while to start. Second time I primed it 10 times and same thing, tons of cranking before starting. Third time same as the second. I'm convinced it doesn't matter how many times you do it. Next time I'm debating priming...
  3. My mind is made up and I’m 100 percent getting a wrangler. I just have one more question.

    I went with a rubicon(XR didn't exist at the time)because I planned to take it offroad and knew I wanted to do trails where the lockers/lower transfer case would be very beneficial. The lower gear ratio of the rubicon transfer case is nice but probably not necessary for what you describe...
  4. Summary of Available EcoDiesel Skid Plates

    I just came back from Moab and until that trip I never hit my DEF skid. I'd be curious to see what NVM comes up with for the DPF. I didnt like seeing that it was exposed when I pulled the trigger on purchasing a set but I wanted the aluminum. Any ideas if they're going to combine it with the...
  5. [Going to 37s] How’s this setup looking??

    Do your KM3's on the nomads(assuming you still have those) rub at all? Stock inner fenders?
  6. [Going to 37s] How’s this setup looking??

    Yea I've seen that I'd be curious if that's stock wheels or what width/backspacing and what lift/how much bumpstop etc.
  7. [Going to 37s] How’s this setup looking??

    I dont. Once my stock tires are toast I'm planning to go to 37s, and inner fenders were one of the things on my list. Last week my JL decided it wasn't happy we were leaving moab, so it ate the driver inner fender. I've been looking at motobilt. Genright, AAL, Rustys, Artec, Fishbone...
  8. [Going to 37s] How’s this setup looking??

    Any plans for different inner fenders/splitting the stock rubicon ones?
  9. Inner fender liner rub/defect

    My wrangler just ate my driver inner fender on my way back from moab. I'm glad I heard about this a while ago so when I heard the rubbing pulling off the highway to fill up it was the first thing I checked. Guess it's time for some aftermarket liners...
  10. Filling DEF Tank at Truck Stop

    I gave up on the boxes. Seem to always leak for me. Never had an issue filling from the pump.
  11. Anyone Had to Replace Exhaust Components?

    2021, 23k miles. No issues with the exhaust/emissions system. Had a weld on the dpf hanger break and cause a rattle so they replaced the dpf.
  12. Alternative filler neck for large diesel nozzles?

    Just removed mine yesterday. I tried doing it just removing the rubber around the outside and was able to the the bottom tab out but couldn't get the top. I ended up taking out the taillight, the plastic bumper closeout panel, the fuel door housing, and the 10mm nut holding the filler neck. I...
  13. Off-road spots Illinois and southern Wisconsin Border

    And here I am keeping mine in the garage because of the salt 😂 Guess it's a good think I take mine on a hood amount of road trips
  14. Off-road spots Illinois and southern Wisconsin Border

    Closed to full size vehicles now
  15. new JLURD on Monday!!

    Sorry when I said too aggressive I was talking about the BLD. Honestly don't remember the throttle response. If I'm on the rocks in 4lo I'm usually driving with two feet for more control.
  16. new JLURD on Monday!!

    I wasn't a fan of OR+ in 4lo myself it seemed too aggressive and I've just used 4lo and lockers if necessary. I plan to give it another try here in the future. OR+ in 4hi however is excellent in my opinion. I used it in the sand dunes and it really helps out with how it changes throttle response...
  17. Brand New Front Bumper from LOD OFFROAD!!!

    Without seeing more pictures, this would be my desired configuration. I really like the ability to accept the factory fogs and keep the winch recessed. I'd also like to see the front sensors not cut out and plugged. Assuming that was just using what was brought over from bronco.
  18. Is this what I turn.

    I'm familiar with tolerancing and GD&T. I do it 5 days a week so I understand the need for adjustments on mating components, especially in mass production. I don't think that explains the sudden change in the angle of my steering wheel. If any of the joints opened up then I would experience...
  19. Is this what I turn.

    Mine is off a little also. I did not lift it I noticed mine was off after playing in some rocks and trying to turn. Curious what caused it. I dont believe the drag link would spin or skip threads, also dont buy that the pitman arm would jump splines. Is there something inside the steering box...