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  1. Falken Wildpeak AT3W 285/65R18 on 2019 JL Unlimited Sahara?

    If your driving is Road and sand you might want to think twice about Falken Wildpeak AT3's? I had stock Bridgestone HT's 18" on my Sahara they were great in sand (less aggressive tread always is!) I switched to do some off road stuff and put on stock size 255/70 18" Wildpeak AT3's and OK off...
  2. Rear window defroster unsoldered?

    I have been dealing with this since early 2018, the last fix was a new wire assembly from inside the top. Seems to have extended wire length to window so this fix has worked since last Feb. ???? They replaced wire harness cuz the last three fixes never work even before they cam unsoldered...
  3. Best Air intake system for 2019 Rubicon

    I think it's been proven stock filtering is better off road. I'd say without other engine mods stay stock, save $$$!!! Go Jeep!!!
  4. How is everyone’s leather seats holding up?

    Mine are doing great at 27K. I do however believe that there is not a lot of leather there mostly some leather inserts here and there?:mad: My 2012 KJU had the leather option and I punched a mall hole sitting with a tool in my pocket. Not much leather after all, looked more like good ole...
  5. Sunrider front panel soft top

    Yes a bit pricy (worth every penny), noise not a big change over hard panels maybe a bit, above 70! I wished I'd discovered "Sunrider" when I had my 2 JKU's it's the best thing ever! I live in N.E. remove panels in March pack em away in the garage and live with the "Sunrider" til late November...
  6. Terrible Seats

    Hmmm... have owned 2 JK's both leather optioned and I find the JL leather option seats much superior? My last JK was a 2012, maybe I've forgotten, I'm older! LOL ;) Go jeep!!!
  7. Beach Essentials

    UNC Rubicon, See, "Yank 'em strap" dated myself now a "Recovery Strap! Tow strap better than hoping someone else has something better is all. I think Yank 'em strap was/is a trade name of an early recovery strap to take the place of chains! Old I know!! Have fun all, air down...
  8. Should I sell my JLUR for TRD Pro 4Runner?

    I know the feeling, had two Cherokee TH's great vehicles! My wife's lease ran out so I said she could have my TH she agreed! Got "my" 2018 JLU next thing I know I'm driving my 2015 TH and she's lovin' the JLU!!! Yipes, I get to drive it weekends! lol ;) Go Jeep!!!
  9. Beach Essentials

    Everyone, how about a "Jack Board? Piece of 5/8th or 3/4" plywood 18" square. Jacking on sand is tough w/o board Jeep stays where it is, jack goes down. I would think most driveable beaches under official rules require it, I know Cape Cod National Seashore inspection does ! Air down and have...
  10. AC not available with Manual Transmission

    I think the "secret" here is the letter "S" ? Sport no, Sport S yes? That's how I get it anyway? Go Jeep!!!
  11. Still need key fob if remote starting?

    I beleive UConnect only has to do with remote start by your computer or your smart phone. When you have a factory Remote Start the FOB will have a start button, nothing to do with UConnect. Starting with UConnect is a Uconnect option you don't need once your Trial option ends . You can renew...
  12. New owner/ 2019 Jeep sahara

    2018 JLUS and no problems, even with a Bestop Sunrider! By the way if you like taking just the panels off your hardtop look into the Bestop Sunrider for HT! Best thin since panels on Jeeps invented!!! Best $$$ I've ever spent on a Jeep, wish I'd done this on my two past JKL's! :like: Go Jeep!!!
  13. Should I sell my JLUR for TRD Pro 4Runner?

    Yup your JLUR is really a beauty, remember when /if you trade it for a 4Runner you'll only have a Toyo 4Runner not a Jeep!! Don't mind me I've had 27 Jeeps since 1965 and speaking of reliability only two were bad! Those two were lemons, still loved them and the factory then took care ov them...
  14. Used 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon

    Is this a pick up yourself deal or is there a shipping charge involved? lol Go Jeep!!!
  15. Weird New Jeep Fail

    I understand the COVID probs but things didn't shut down til long after Feb? I can see a month maybe two but Feb 2020 til a week ago, wow. My fasted order was a 2012 JKL just a day over 3 weeks! Good luck whatever the case! :) Go Jeep!!!
  16. Weird New Jeep Fail

    Wait... you just picked up a JLUR at the dealer that you ordered in February???? Never heard of a 4 or 5 month build, must be really special or someone's been using it for a couple months! Go Jeep!!!
  17. Does the SiriusXM subscription effect remote start from the key fob?

    Notorious, If we do the Sub screen doors I certainly would happy split any finances gained but I will elect you for the first sea trials!;) Wolfdog
  18. Does the SiriusXM subscription effect remote start from the key fob?

    Notorious, There are no screen doors on Subs, OMG? I bet the next thing you're gonna tell me is there is no Easter Bunny either? :CWL: I think I remember some posts on Sirius controlling the "off road pages" everyone seemed to have decent answers on that one when sirius did not, just sayin'...
  19. JLUS - ACC off delay

    I think it's for dummies like me (I onlybsaid "me" so no one will be insulted! lol) to keep from having battery failure and calling for jump starts!! I think if you don't have "auto Headlights on and you shut down the lights and all shut down in only a very few minutes? I think all vehicles...
  20. Does the SiriusXM subscription effect remote start from the key fob?

    Notorious, wow an honest question and this is your reply?? You are as funny as a screen door on a submarine and ya even got some likes, figures! Little to do, I guess:( as have I for posting this! Go Jeep!!!