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  1. JL Dana 30 & Dana 35 - how strong are they?

    So you are running 35's on a JLU sport with 4.56 gears and 80MPH at 2k rpm. That sounds great. Auto or Manual transmission? I didn't see the start of this part of the thread. Doing what most are and re-gearing, lockers and 35" tires. I have a 6 speed Manual and having a hard time between 4.10...
  2. JLU 315s 2” Mopar Lift Stats

    Looks Great. I'm doing a similar build so thanks for the advice and direction. If you get a minute maybe tell us about the rear locker. Likes, dislikes and why you chose that one.
  3. Review: B&M 6 Speed Precision Sports Short Shifter & Extended Transfer Case Shifter

    Looks great! Any one in the know think they will make color options? Is the thread compatible with other after market shifts knobs such as Hurst?
  4. LSD vs Lockers

    Dear Jeepers, I am researching a Jeep build, JLU or JT. I have researched many options and I am leaning towards the 6 speed manual. Jeep offers open differentials and an option for a LSD rear axle. When you opt for the Rubicon you know both axles lock (OEM). I have a few questions about...
  5. Introducing Inspired Engineering JL Headlight kits!

    With all that is said and done they are a good looking product and sound like you have put a good amount of thought in the materials. I would like to see pictures of the function of this light compared to other on the market and OEM. Good Luck!