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  1. You Get What You Pay For..

    What's funny is that you think the patients will tell the truth. Someone could have a whole pile of guns and simply say "nope, I don't have guns." Easy as that. Heck they lie to the BMV all the time and say they have, and will continue to have auto insurance. There's no way people will be...
  2. Jeep Dog pics

    LOL, we refer to this as "crazy legs". Our Rottie does it quite often. I'm told it's a sign of complete trust and comfort with their humans.
  3. You Get What You Pay For..

    Yes, there was a crash where an automated vehicle struck a pedestrian, but it did exactly what it was programmed to do. It applied braking and did not swerve. As I mentioned, an autonomous vehicle will not swerve to avoid a collision. Yes it is physically capable of doing it, but there are no...
  4. You Get What You Pay For..

  5. Sahara Fuel Door

    I got mine off Ebay. There was a thread posted March of 2018 that had a link. The link was for a Mopar part, but was much cheaper than the dealers were selling them for. Here's a link to the thread → link At the time the door was $95 on the listing, but I see it's up to $115 now. I also see...
  6. You Get What You Pay For..

    Since this IS on the topic of the thread, maybe we can get back to it. What do you feel is "very very wrong" about that? Do you think future cars will be programmed to swerve, do you not think that swerving frequently results in more damage, or is there something different?
  7. You Get What You Pay For..

    It will stop for a pedestrian if the sensor picks them up. Unfortunately pedestrians are frequently "dashing" across the roadway and even though the system my apply braking there may not be enough time to stop. Short answer though is yes it will try to stop for people. And you're absolutely...
  8. You Get What You Pay For..

    Agreed. I know the pedestrian is often "at-fault" but that doesn't mean you shouldn't care what happens to them. I'm hoping/assuming the comments weren't serious.
  9. You Get What You Pay For..

    I saw it and was going to screen shot the same thing. "Hi five bro, we just crashed!!" Glad it wasn't just me that saw/thought that. Well all of you "what if" scenarios for the crowd on the sidewalk are moot. It's a great philosophical question, but the emergency systems in all automated, and...
  10. Jeep Ducking (Duck Duck Jeep)

    At least your wife isn't ducking someone else... We went to the store and parked next to a Jeep. My wife said, "that's pretty nice. I wonder if they want a duck." She pulls one out of her purse that had "nice jeep" written on the bottom of it. Clearly she's prepared for such an occasion...
  11. Is there a storage solution for the Freedom Panels on the roof?

    LOL. Agreed, there are some great ideas. Brain storming with other people usually gets you the best result because one idea/comment can give someone else an idea to expand upon. This is definitely something that can be done, but the big question is will it be affordable?
  12. Is there a storage solution for the Freedom Panels on the roof?

    The concept of the thread is solid, but the implementation is a challenge. A rail system could certainly be designed, but comes with issues of its own. If you affix the panels to the track, you've also created a path for water to follow into the vehicle. If you attach it on the outside, you...
  13. Sahara Fuel Door

    Agreed. Install was a breeze.
  14. Sahara Fuel Door

    On the up side, by ordering after delivery, at least mine says "Jeep" instead of "fuel".
  15. Sahara Fuel Door

    Mine was early production (build date March 2018), delivery in July. Mine did not come with the fuel door, and it wasn't an option when ordering. I had to add mine after delivery. Found a good price for it thanks to a thread on the forum here. Install was pretty easy too. As I understood...
  16. Tire comparisons, Owner ratings chart. What's good and what's hype

    Those opinions are exactly what makes this chart work. For a technical comparison we could test the various rubber compounds and tread patterns to determine their coefficient of friction on different surfaces. That will be very technical, boring, and much like mpg ratings, not typical of...
  17. Tire comparisons, Owner ratings chart. What's good and what's hype

    Looks good. Pretty close to the stance that I have, you just used different parts to get there. The rating has been added.
  18. underseat battery??

    I'd go with an exterior mount simply to retain the seat's ability to fold. The clearance beneath it is minimal at best. Something as thin and compressible as a hoodie will prevent the seat from folding all the way down. Putting a battery under there will likely completely eliminate that...
  19. What is the factory window tint on JLUR

    Wow that's dark. Sounds like they put 25% on the front and 5% on the back to get you to those tested levels. IMHO that's excessive, even with no tint from the factory. Probably looks amazing though.
  20. What is the factory window tint on JLUR

    Yes, there are standards, and yes the windows tell you. Front windows are 70% from the factory. Notice on left side, very bottom it has printed "TRANSP. 70% MIN." This means the windows transmit a minimum of 70% of the visible light. The lower the number the darker the tint. The rear windows...