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  1. Rock chips Rubicon two-door. Need front mud flaps to fit Rubicon or other idea.

    I was going to get these but the rear profile of my Rubi has Weathertec guards and it looks like they have roughly the same coverage as yours although yours hang down a bit more. Even with these, my rear plastic flares are dinged up with only 5,000 miles on my ride. Nature of the beast I guess!
  2. Any regrets getting a Bikini colored Wrangler?

    Ahhh. That paint is like rolling waves in the Caribbean..
  3. Can you identify this bumper hoop?

    I don’t believe it was either when I looked. I called them and they said it was available. Keep the updates coming, I hope your able to get it.
  4. Can you identify this bumper hoop?

    Not at all( see below ). I was originally going to order this hoop from Rubitrux but they didn’t offer the red finish so, I went direct to Maximus.
  5. Can you identify this bumper hoop?

  6. Can you identify this bumper hoop?

    I believe underside of bumper. If I look at the bumper plate topside, it’s perfectly flush with the surface of the bumper.
  7. Can you identify this bumper hoop?

    Yes it is.
  8. Mojito vs bikini vs punk'n?? Which color to get?

    OP.. my best advice is to see the colors in person. Pics are great but often do the colors injustice. My choice was either Mojito or Bikini. I found a Mojito 6 hours away but it was 4cyl and that was the dealbreaker for me. I located the exact Rubi I wanted at a dealer 4 hrs from my home and...
  9. Can you identify this bumper hoop?

    Hope this helps. As you can see.. it’s a beast of a hoop.
  10. Hard top freedom panel order

    Curious if there is a specific order to put the front panels back on? Passenger 1st or drivers side?
  11. Can you identify this bumper hoop?

    Yes. I personally preferred the forward tilt as it looks a bit more aggressive. Folks at Maximus are great and I get a TON of compliments on the hoop.
  12. Can you identify this bumper hoop?

    No worries at all. It’s the Maximus Classic. Incredibly well built.
  13. What did you name your Jeep JL?

    I change the name of my Rubi every month. So for August, her name is CC or Clenched Cheeks, cuz when you see her pass by, well, ya tend to tighten up a bit. Bwahahahaha
  14. Jeep wins/fails

  15. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    Can you get that kind of damage at the mall? Asking for a friend. :)
  16. Insight needed from Rubicon owners

    Two things.. Auxiliary switch and 8.4 Alpine have been awesome in my Rubi. That screen is fantastic and so easy to read. The Alpine system sounds spectacular as well. I should add the cold weather package as well. The heating steering wheel is glorious!
  17. Dr. Colorchip

    Right.. I think one has to be realistic in correcting a paint chip 100%.. it seems for what it’s designed to do( ease of use and protect from future rust) its not all that bad. I really like the idea that you can’t really mess up as you can remove any over application.
  18. Dr. Colorchip

    Good to hear.. I got the Mopar touch up pen. Tried it and I ended up putting to much on the chip area. Then I opened the ClearCoat side upside down and I have to say that stuff does not clean up well. Needless to say, this kit and system seems incredibly simple.