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  1. Is this widely known?

    I personally do one side at a time. I have zero concerns of the body shifting however. brett
  2. 4xe order thread

    Any idea when the order banks open? brett
  3. American adventure lab arb twin compressor mount w remote fitting

    I think they are “designed” to be installed there in addition to the mass platform which opens that area up to a ton of air flow. This is my 100% preferred place to install them. They are kept out of harms way and protected from the elements. i won’t do them on the firewall if it’s a 3.6 for...
  4. Teraflex Falcon 3.3: Way to soften?

    Teraflex will more than likely offer to valve them for a 2dr. It’ll help some. I’d suggest selling those and having accutune build you some just for your Jeep. You’re not alone with the 3.3 and harsh ride. brett
  5. I've got a real challenge for you with regard to shovel & axe storage

    we have a solution but I missed it was a 2 door! Unfortunately our product only works with the 4dr brett
  6. Powertank vs. On board compressor

    I prefer our power tank. Easy to fill at most welding supply places but last a long time. We’re running 37s and did 5 trails where we air down to 10 and back to 20. It’s still showing greater than half. We have the 15 lb one. I’ll install the compressors in the rear cargo area or under a seat...
  7. What do you think will fail first in the JL driveline?

    the driveshaft is always turning. If you’re running aggressive or higher caster especially theres a strong possibility you’ll get vibration. If you break a two piece shaft, the probability of other damage is very high. The strength difference is relatively minor and unnecessary. I’m all about...
  8. Wheel Torque Specifications JL/JLU

    you can swap them out one at a time or all 3 at once if you have to. No need to raise the tire. Most spline keys can accept a 21 or 22mm socket. I use the 22mm more times than not as it sits further on the socket. Spline sockets are fine at the rated torque of the lugs brett
  9. What do you think will fail first in the JL driveline?

    There’s the thought that’s the driveshaft (1310 for example) will act like a fuse in the system. Unfortunately that is really the case as other parts will typically get damage too as Sean is saying. I think the most common part that receives damage while wheeling is the rear axle shafts. They...
  10. 2021 Diesel gearing changed to 4.10?

    I would imagine that was something overlooked in the build sheet. We talked about it on fb messenger on 9/16. However, theres no telling! brett
  11. Auxillary switches temporarily unavailable due to battery charging

    when the battery is charging at the rate it’s working on recharging the batteries. I’d suggest having them tested before winter rolls around. When fully charged, the voltage will drop into the 12s brett
  12. 2021 Diesel gearing changed to 4.10?

    Diesels rubicons are 3.73. I would assume all diesels would be the same but that’s purely an assumption. Scott Blum who works for FCA on the wranglers told me this. brett
  13. Rear breaks need replaced for the second time at 2500 miles

    We’re seeing 70-80% brake life at 30k miles. Something is certainly going on for your extremely accelerated wear. brett

    I wouldn’t suggest that kit. It’s missing way to much because of the cost of the Kings. You’ll have to spend a ton to get the needed parts. The metalcloak true dual is under this price point but comes with upper control arms for caster correction, 4 coils and shocks, front and rear track bars...
  15. Conroe, Spring, Woodlands and N Houston Area Chat!

    did you love Moab, we try to go every year. Always have fun! brett
  16. Conroe, Spring, Woodlands and N Houston Area Chat!

    That color is awesome! Looks great, congrats! brett
  17. Conroe, Spring, Woodlands and N Houston Area Chat!

    We decided to run up to windrock next month! Might hit hot springs on the the way to knock out those badges brett
  18. Factory 55 shackle mount for a new Warn 10S ?

    We run the ultralink but its personal preference I think. They are all excellent upgrades! brett
  19. Proofread my 2021 Build

    Sounds like you have a heck of a plan. Only suggestion would be to swap to 3.5” springs. The diesel specific springs haven’t been released yet. The gas springs are great but you’ll be sitting about .5” lower than they do. With 37s, Id like to see a little more clearance so you don’t have to run...