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  1. Dealership BS or legit?

    My first encounter with ESS was while renting a manual transmission vehicle in Nice. I was confused - I kept restarting the engine with the key thinking that the car had an extra touchy clutch. Basically it was a manual transmission vehicle that had an automatic first gear. I had to make it to...
  2. Dealership BS or legit?

    BTW I never bother disabling ESS. If I want ESS to engage I press down hard on the brake pedal. If I don’t want ESS to engage I press only sufficiently on the brake pedal to hold the car at a stop. Don’t know if this is the way it’s supposed to work but that’s how my 2018 JLU behaves.
  3. Dealership BS or legit?

    Codswallop Poppycock Bunkum Horse pucky but totally legit ...
  4. Will the Bronco cause a price drop for the Wrangler?

    Good for customer but dumb for FCA to not have a mixed model assembly capability in Toledo. Part of their strategy to reduce the upfront capital is to partner with suppliers. Both Hyundai and KUKA have plants on the Wrangler campus.
  5. Will the Bronco cause a price drop for the Wrangler?

    I’d expect to see manufacturer incentives for a while if there is a need to move inventory. But it may not make sense over the longer term to drop prices but rather just decrease production to adjust to market demand. A business that drops prices by x% has to increase the volumes sold by much...
  6. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Wranglers are not known for being great cargo haulers but I did bring this home in the back of my JLU over the weekend to better serve the needs of my tinkering on the Jeep.
  7. Is the factory headliner option worth it or better to go HotHead Liner?

    I have been happy with my Mopar liners which were already on the vehicle in the dealer lot. Car is 2 years old and has no issues with the liners. If you search on YouTube for the Hot Head installation video you will see that the company does a good job of explaining their product and the...
  8. Any Good Recipes For The Trail?

    1 package Shin Ramen 1 egg dropped on top of noodles 2 slices Swiss cheese dropped on top of egg 1 scallion stalk sliced and sprinkled after pot is removed from flame.
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Recently read that the factory option for front cameras on 2021 Jeeps are >$500. The UConnext system has fantastic image quality and it would be great to have that level of quality on a forward facing camera. Unfortunately I have a 2018 JLU so I went with a $36 front facing camera.
  10. Installed a cheap trail cam

    Bought a $36 license plate mounted backup camera from Amazon (brand is called Yakry). Comes with a small 720p monitor about the size of a previous generation smartphone. Has the ability to be used as front facing camera (disable left right mirror image). it’s not a high quality system but for...
  11. Lifting heavy spare tire by yourself back onto tailgate tire carrier

    clever. I like it. I guess in a pinch a ratchet strap could provide a similar capability
  12. Lifting heavy spare tire by yourself back onto tailgate tire carrier

    My 35‘s are manageable at 104 lbs. Easiest option in most cases may be to carry a can of fix-a-flat and slowly drive back to civilization. I don’t typically air down but I do bring an air compressor.
  13. Lifting heavy spare tire by yourself back onto tailgate tire carrier

    well if you tell your wife you have to buy a dog ramp as a service accessory for your vehicle she might want to leave you on the trail or a nursing care facility for those who are suffering cognitive decline. I’m only middle aged but I do believe I heard the word “ridiculous” instead of...
  14. Lifting heavy spare tire by yourself back onto tailgate tire carrier

    that’s one kind of life hack. after hiking or wading or scrambling over a moraine field all day the last thing I want to do is risk a back injury before having to drive 1 or 2 hours out of the forest to get back to pavement and then drive 6 hours on the freeway to get home.
  15. Recommendations for offroad wheel chocks

    Looking for chocks that are good on dirt and on granite slabs. Suggestions?
  16. Mudflaps and Rubicon Flares?

    very pricey but I don’t know of any other options that are wide enough for my tires.
  17. Mudflaps and Rubicon Flares?

    I went with RokBlokz as well but had some minor issues. The holes in the front flaps did not line up with the holes of my 2018 Sahara. Had to ream out one of the holes laterally in each flap so they were more of an oval than a circle in order to get the front flaps to fit. The steel mounting...
  18. Tried (and failed) negotiating on a Rubicon today...thoughts?

    It is very difficult for any business to continually stand by such an offer. If a dealer is still offering it then by all means go for it - 8% under invoice is a good no-hassle price.
  19. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    cannot remember ever a statewide shutdown of all NF land. Hope this does not become the norm during fire seasons to come.