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  1. Does anyone know the MOPAR part # for the interior door hinge bolt/washer combo?

    No worries! As long as you get the right part, all is well
  2. Does anyone know the MOPAR part # for the interior door hinge bolt/washer combo?

    Ah, there’s the confusion. That’s a washer on the bolt, not a nut :).
  3. Confirmed: 2021 Jeep Wranglers have new improved steering gear box (from TSB 08-074-20)

    My 2/20 build date Recon is the old box. That being said, with Mopar LCA’s and tire pressure at 36-37 psi feels great
  4. Axle seal leaking again, possible causes?

    Amateurs wont know what To replace if it wasn’t there in the first place. Dealer Professionals with Service manuals and computer programs from FCA should have known every single part whether it was there or not In my opinion.
  5. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Posted in Recon thread, but here’s my stock JLUR Recon with synergy 1.75” spacers
  6. Is Quadratec still in business?

    Never have any issues with Quadratec. Ordered multiple things from them on my old JK, and now again ordered multiple times with my New JL since June. Rob is super responsive to email if you need help, and the only wait times have been vendors out of stock, but once in stock most things have...
  7. RUBICON RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    Yes I was concerned the poke would be too much given this shifts the backspace to 4.25”, but it worked out as I had hoped. that being said, if I do a 12.5” wide tire at some point, the tires will stick out a little more, but I doubt I will mind it.
  8. RUBICON RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    Pulled the trigger on a set of 1.75” Synergy Spacers the other day and got them installed this afternoon. I was hoping they would look OK on an otherwise stock Recon, Since I have’t seen anyone with that size anywhere on the forums yet. Quite pleased with the look, and since I like the OEM...
  9. Axle seal leaking again, possible causes?

    Damn that sucks, sorry to hear. I got lucky I guess. In NY, my dealer was able to source a passenger front axle seal and have it sent to them overnight and had me jeep back to me the next afternoon and its been good every since.
  10. RUBICON RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    Had a chance to christen the Jeep after crossing the 1,000 mile mark. Went up to the Catskills to Hunter Mountain for a nice day of wheeling With Northeast Offroad Adventures. Great time!
  11. Axle seal leaking again, possible causes?

    ahh, ok got it. That sucks. I put a good deal of miles and stress on the Jeep yesterday. Drove 2hours north to Hunter Mountain and wheeled it for 7 hours and then drove 2 hours home. Now 700 miles since the fix and no leak. So in the hands of the right tech, it clearly is possible to fix...
  12. Rubi Recon

    Question 2: Bonus Drive. My check arrives today ironically
  13. Axle seal leaking again, possible causes?

    How many miles do you put on before the leaks start again? I have done 400 Miles since the fix and still No leaks. I kinda want to stop checking, but given this thread I am semi obsessed. Covid and work from home is really limiting my driving.
  14. How feasible is it to remove BSG/E-Torque system?

    Why not scour the country for a left over 2020 3.6L Rubicon? The 3.6 didn’t have BSG in 2020 (although it had the ESS which I have heard of way more failures to the aux battery system) You may pay a premium for the 2020, and pay to have it shipped, but may still end up cheaper.
  15. Axle seal leaking again, possible causes?

    That’s terrible. At least when mine leaked They got the part overnight and had it back to me the next afternoon. When they pull it apart and just sit on your jeep for weeks awaiting parts its a little ridiculous.
  16. Axle seal leaking again, possible causes?

    As an update, I’ve put 250 miles on the jeep over the past 2 weeks since the axle seal was done. No leaks. I wonder when I can stop checking and relax
  17. Mopar LCA swap

    Did a set of these on my stock JLUR Recon. Really tightens things up especially at higher speeds. Uninstall was a snap with my Milwaukee M18 impact, although I did remove the FAD skid plate for more clearance to get my socket on there because I dont have open ended wrenches Over 18mm...
  18. RUBICON RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    With the JK they continued the Hard Rock for the first half of 2017 model Year and then switched to the Recon 2nd half of 2017 into 2018. The only reason I know is I bought my JKUR in June 2017 and was looking for a left over hard rock because I didn’t love some of the Recon appearance items...
  19. Axle seal leaking again, possible causes?

    Sounds like a mechanic issue honestly. Knock on wood, Ive drive 200 miles and no leaking again. Replacing the whole front should handle it. It’s a simple component and to have the jeep bought back because of that is 100% the dealerso fault I’d think
  20. RUBICON RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    On the JK recon there was a difference from the rubicon to the recon. from what I understand, there is no difference on the JL/JLU rubicon to rubicon recon. altough the rubicon is higher than the sport/Sahara and has the high line fenders. Folks say you can get 35“ tires and not rub...