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  1. Steering Fix TSB 08-074-20 Crowdsourced Dealership Survey. Add Your Experience.

    Dealer Name: Courtesy Jeep City, State: Mesa, AZ Date Taken In (for evaluation, not specifically to do the work): 9/1/20- for battery replacement (aux charging message). Tech said they’d run the sodt update to see if that would fix the issue. It didn’t. So he ordered the part. It came in the...
  2. "Aux switches temporarily unavailable while battery charging"

    Probably! I do keep my Jeep in the garage but it’s not cool in there either!!
  3. "Aux switches temporarily unavailable while battery charging"

    I’m in AZ too and just got this message today. Drove 40 miles on Saturday and shorter trips since then and getting the same message. I think it’s the battery(s). I’ll drive a longer ride and see if it’ll work first. Hate going to the dealer!
  4. Information on the automatic transmission at 60k miles

    Great post! Thanks for sharing! I’ve got the manual, but my husband is looking at an automatic !
  5. AZ > CO > UT and back!

    The next day we took Engineer pass to Poughkeepsie Gultch! That was a fun and challenging trail! I skipped all the bypasses and made it up “The Wall” on my 3rd try. Lake Como is beautiful!! then we went up to Hurricane pass over to Corkscrew pass and out Red Bird to Ouray. :)
  6. AZ > CO > UT and back!

    Sorry I’ve been behind posting our trip report! We have been having a blast in both CO and UT! Here are a few pics til im Home and able to post better! CO: Ophir pass to telluride and Imogene back to Ouray. Great introduction to CO driving!
  7. AZ > CO > UT and back!

    We got to Durango yesterday and came up to Ouray today!! Excited to trail tomorrow!! Thinking Imogene and Ophir? Not sure what to do guest? But excited!!
  8. Why Not A Rubicon?

    Thank you!! I’ll be shooting for that eventually!! Good to know it’s not too complicated so hopefully I won’t be overcharged!! :)
  9. AZ > CO > UT and back!

    We’re doing a last minute trip this weekend! Covid canceled our previous plans, so we are making lemonade and hitting some of our bucket list destinations! I’ve read others trip reports and decided to do my own so I don’t hijack theirs! Here is our tentative plan: First day: drive from AZ...
  10. Our NM, CO, UT, NV, CA, AZ Trip!

    That sounds like fun! I wanted to just wing it a bit, but ended up lining up hotels for our trip. First night in Durango, 3 nights in Ouray, 3 nights in Moab. check the Zion NP site. Doesn’t look too encouraging right now, :(. We decided to skip it and just spend more time in Moab. :)
  11. Our NM, CO, UT, NV, CA, AZ Trip!

    Looks great!! You’re off on your adventure!! Have a blast!!! The narrows is beautiful! A little challenging but so worth it! We’re taking 2 toddlers this time so don’t plan to do much of it.
  12. Our NM, CO, UT, NV, CA, AZ Trip!

    So cool! you’ll have an epic trip! May see you on the trail in CO. We’ve just decided to head up to CO this weekend, probably on Saturday. We hope to do Ophir and Imogene, maybe engineer and alpine loop (depends on timing). We’re doing Moab with friends the end of September , but might stop on...
  13. Three JL Rublicon Unlimiteds went West from Michigan Pic and Video heavy...

    Yay! Thank you! I’m trying to talk my husband into it ;). He’s worried about going alone, but I think we’ll be ok! I appreciate the quick response and encouragement!! :)
  14. Three JL Rublicon Unlimiteds went West from Michigan Pic and Video heavy...

    I’m planning an impulsive run up to CO for next week. Our vacation got canceled but we’re off so want to do something fun!! we won’t be going in a group it’ll just be my jeep on 2 inch lift with 35s air lockers front and rear. I need to see your opinion on those for trails in Colorado? Do you...
  15. NEW! Quake LED QTE559 Full 9" Light for JL/JT...Very Bright DRL...SEQUENTIAL Turn...RGB Accenting!

    That’s what I need! The integrated turn signal especially! thanks!
  16. Jeeper shot and killed in Sierra County California

    Wow! Thanks for sharing this! Scary stuff! I usually travel armed, but in a shoot out I don’t think anyone wins. So sad! And that poor teenager? Hope justice is served and he’s found safe!
  17. Arizona Owners parts sale/trade thread ...

    Killer deal!! Wish I’d seen this back when I did mine!!! You’ll have no trouble selling them!!
  18. "4WD SERV" warning light override

    I did get this resolved, finally. Went to the dealer for a free oil change and they finally pulled a code for the serv4wd light I’d seen. It’s the FAD, front axle disconnect. Long story short, when the shop who trussed my front axle and did my regear reassembled it incorrectly and tucked the...
  19. rocker switch locations?

    I know this is an older thread...but I just installed the Vostwitch and love it! The switches go on the dashboard and are in a pretty good spot I think.
  20. Rocker Switch panel for JL Sport

    We just ran the Voswitch and love it! Went with the rocker switches for a few reasons and like the low profile setup. Didn’t take long at all, everything works great! Got my lights all wired up (finally!) pretty simply. Honestly, for the price it was a great purchase!