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  1. - Led Premium Headlights - Yeah or Neah? - What is your thoughts?

    I only had the halogens...I did install the $900 dollar JW speakers as a xmas present to myself tho..and those were nice.
  2. Update: Driver seat bottom seat tilt angle

    I ordered also and on the site they described that metal thing as a molle panel... I opted to just purchase the spacers too.
  3. - Led Premium Headlights - Yeah or Neah? - What is your thoughts?

    Yup ...I think they are great! compared to the JK they are far and above! I have owned Audis, Porsches...with projector and Bi zenon ...these are every bit as good. They do have the ability to really create an odd experience when the snow is coming down is almost like an optical illusion...
  4. Front Brake Done at 40k KM?

    Do em yourself save the money! You can buy the pads and Rotors for $220..
  5. When your Wife buys you Jeep parts for your birthday.

    Incredibly Sweet!!! OMG You definitely struck the pot of gold sir!!! No two people have ever fit more perfectly! God Bless the both of you and here's to 31 more !!!!!!Happy Anniversary!
  6. Discounted pricing from dealers on Soft Tops?

    Got mine from a place called Bam Wholesale...for 600 dollars cheaper than everyone else! and yes it is the premium twill with tinted windows! it was at the beginning of the covid thing and had it within a few weeks by transport. Not sure if the price was because it is a 2 door but I jumped at it.
  7. Fluid Film and Sand

    I use fluid film but I dont just spray and go! I use a rag and wipe it down after I spray it. The way it comes out of the can is clumpy like spray glue Which would def attract sand. As I said. I climb under the jeep spray on wipe excess. Have not had any issues with it. I have done it twice...
  8. Aluminum Side Step/Rock Guard Option from Greenlane Offroad

    Checked, no they do not come as a 2 door .. unless I missed something!

    Forgot this one.

    I felt the same about them, then one night I just ordered them! I thought if i don’t like them I can easily take them off and sell them. I do like them tho... they kind of match the ruggedness of the vehicle.

    FYI , I just installed the Rugged Ridge light guards and they include in the kit longer more substantial hex screws (3)to the black plastic that holds light in place. The ones they replaced were in fact tiny and I’m not surprised they are a weakpoint! Sorry should have first stated To the OP...
  12. What is "Digital TV System"?

    Could it be the backup camera digital display?
  13. Tsb new box has notchy steering

    Sorry might be me but the image /movie file does not show loads a page then the play button progresses with no images.
  14. Massachusetts JLU Freedom hardtop + Mopar headliner + DV8 mounts

    Those nicks are nothing! Good luck with the sale should go fast!!
  15. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    Technically these are decals for your wheels!
  16. Rear Bumper Integrated LED Reverse Lights

    I would assume they will have versions for both. Win, win!
  17. Soft top help

    There has never been one wrangler that the brand new top just went on and there was no need to stretch. I myself was able to strong arm mine when I installed it but then could not get it open again till the next day after leaving it in the hot sun for the day.
  18. Soft top help

    You have to let it stretch out!!!!!!!!! There are a million posts on this. To let it sit in the sun . You can try to pull it to get the j hook to catch then latch. You wont be able to open until it is stretched out. Day in the sun usually does it!
  19. Florida MagnaFlow MF Series Axle-Back Performance Exhaust System - 19388

    That's a great price ..should go fast!!
  20. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Here ya go, they were pretty easy to apply......