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  1. Jeep Wrangler 4xe Hybrid Revealed With 50 MPG-E, 375 Horsepower/470 LB-FT Torque!

    not quite right, there is one who is doing disel as PHEV, at least they sell them here in Europe and that is Mercedes, they offer normal Gas and Disel as PHEV
  2. Jeep Wrangler 4xe Hybrid Revealed With 50 MPG-E, 375 Horsepower/470 LB-FT Torque!

    25 miles roughly abt 40 km, so depends on the official numberes here (Germany) if it can get a special electric number plate and therefore cheaper taxes etc as you need to have 40km pure electrical distance and as from 2022 (if i remember correctly) 60km at least. but stil i really like it ;)
  3. JL in Europe

    Looking forward to see her without the wedding dress ;) what color is it?
  4. JL in Europe

    Santi very nice car!!
  5. JL in Europe

    There are quite a few as well in the Internet (mobile) somewhere around 60k that are Sahara and Rubicon. Of course all are Diesel as the 2.0 Turbo is not yet released at all
  6. JL in Europe

    It is mainly a German one. But that is why i am not sure what to do as well, with the old JK price no problem would have taken without any thought the JL, but now it is much and with the 1% calculated per month on the list price it is getting to much for me i guess.
  7. JL in Europe

    unfortunately it is not working correctly, guess to many are presently trying to do configuration here. But the Sahara (no need for a Rubi for me) i calculated was some where around €64k so abt $74k.... honestly for that price i get other cars, better i do not know as i love the Wrangler and...
  8. JL in Europe

    If you buy it from an Importer, like it had been mentioned Wittkop or Geiger the prices are delivered prices here in Germany thus you do not have to add anything on it
  9. JL in Europe

    thanks for that, the first time i see the list and the technical details for here, apart from being already over 60k for the wrangler with the few options i want to have, i am surprised to see how much the car can tow compared to the JK
  10. JL in Europe

    Still these prices are way off, specially when you see that you can get a GC Limited as from 60k as per list in reality you pay for a new around 50k thus you get it cheaper the a JLU? for me they are over the top. i love that car but need to see what is best value i can get for the price and...
  11. Marchionne passes away. Mike Manley, head of Jeep, named FCA CEO

    unfortunatley just saw in the Newspapers here that he died.... :crying:
  12. Win This JL Jeep Wrangler Hat by Guessing Size of Cargo Underfloor Cubby

    Even i do not really know how to calculated in Inches would reckon abt 0,018cbm = 0,635 cbft
  13. Official: 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Specs, Info, Wallpapers...

    Just fyi information what i was reading on the German papers today is that the JL Sahara is now called Sport S on the US Market
  14. Which JL engine are you most interested in?

    I hope it will not come here!! but i hope the 3.0Diesel will have here the newest emission class i.e. EUR 6b or d or what ever it is now mine now has it not and i get already problems in some cities that i am not allowed to drive there. Otherwise it would have to be the 3.6l Pentastar...
  15. Why doesn't this exist?

    I have at a my car pressing the close button long and it is closing all Windows. otherway around pressing the open button long all windows are opening. which is good in summer to get the hot air out ;)
  16. JL JLU Wrangler Weight, Tow Capacity, Max Payload Specs

    might be with normal trailer we are allowed to go only with abt 50mph, if they have special break etc we are allowed to drive abt 62mph (100kmh) on the other hand on the normal highway we are allowed to go as fast as the car permits, thus guess that is why we need the bigger brakes ;) like...
  17. JL JLU Wrangler Weight, Tow Capacity, Max Payload Specs

    Hi all, it is my first post here but following already quite long. the towing capacity is really strange, we can get the JKU here in Germany with the 3.6l Pentastar and gear ratio 3.73 and then the towing capacity is 2.000 KG mean in lbs abt 4.400 and ok we have here already the diesel not the...