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  1. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    Looks like tremendous fun. I've been to that mill many times although the most recent time was probably 10 years ago. We took a wrong turn and ended up on the side of Red Mountain on a narrow steep road made of near-marbles. Kind of like what I read of the description for the downhill side of...
  2. V8 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept drive review by MotorTrend

    They could have been doing all 1/4 mile runs. On the highway at steady speed maybe it won't be great but it should do better than that. I'm sure a lot of people would buy that vehicle so if they are trying to sell more cars this would be a success.
  3. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    On jackstands you can look to see if the front driveshaft is turning when the tires aren't turning. You can also try it in 4LO. If it is a FAD problem you would be disconnected in 4HI as well as 4LO.
  4. No Lift Off-Roading People

    We were on top of that loop many years ago in our stock WJ, plus I've been up there a few times in CJs rented in Silverton. The rental company wouldn't let us take their vehicle into Poughkeepsie and my wife wouldn't me take her WJ there either, or on Black Bear.
  5. No Lift Off-Roading People

    When people think "modified jeep", they think big tires, lift, new bumpers and winch. I suppose if you wheel in the woods in muddy conditions, a winch would be useful. Out in the desert what do you hook the cable to? Although I've seen videos of people using their winch in Moab to pull...
  6. No Lift Off-Roading People

    245/75-17 are theoretically 31.5". I've been looking for Rubicon takeoff tires but thinking if I don't find any and have to buy tires myself I might even go with 275 instead of 285. I don't think I need larger diameter although when the time comes I might be irrational. I would like a bit...
  7. No Lift Off-Roading People

    Increasing tire size with no lift reduces clearance under the fenders and increases chance of rubbing when articulating. I've done trails in Colorado on the stock 245s, no lift. I intend to buy some Rubicon takeoff tires whenever I have an opportunity. I will also consider a small lift. I...
  8. TrailRecon spotted last Saturday outside of Silverton, CO

    There are a lot of youtubers like that. If he/they go somewhere I want to go or do something I want to watch, then I watch and ignore the extraneous stuff. If he makes a video about best lights to bolt to your hood, I probably wouldn't watch that one.
  9. Jk vs JL is it worth an upgrade

    The last vehicle I owned with solid front axle was built 10 years ago and had steering much better than the current Wrangler, and it was... another Jeep! Our WJ had essentially all the same stuff underneath it as a current Wrangler Sport, but its steering felt like any other car.
  10. Non wrangler owners, why the JL?

    I've been interested in camping/hiking/backpacking for a long time. My wife had a WJ for a long time and we did a lot of offroad trails in Colorado and Utah. I decided I was going to work less and spend more time going places where I wanted to go so I decided I needed a Jeep. I thought long...
  11. On Road Snow Performance - Willys vs Rubicon

    1. If you are concerned about snow then you probably should get a second set of wheels and some real snow tires. 2. I thought the Sahara had the advantage in the snow due to its different 4WD system.
  12. Jk vs JL is it worth an upgrade

    In my sport the wind noise at highway speeds part way drowns out the radio, unless you wanted to run the radio at high volume levels I don't think I could tell the difference in the 2 radios.
  13. Jk vs JL is it worth an upgrade

    If mileage was an important consideration the first thing to do would be to put on tires from a sport model. There are lots of those available at low prices on the used market.
  14. Color choice...

    I wanted Bikini, I ended up with red which I do really like. I've owned yellow cars before and would take a yellow JL, or punkin, but I've decided that the blue is one of my favorites.
  15. Basic Mods for “easy” off-roading

    We did all of these years ago in my wife's stock WJ, and I think the WJ with solid axles, good ground clearance and good angles was almost as good as a stock JLU. But those trails did not tax the WJ at all, like driving down a country road. My JLU Sport has the stock Goodyear Kevlars on it...
  16. Basic Mods for “easy” off-roading

    I don't know that there is anything that you really need. I think the first change would be Rubicon takeoff tires or tires of that size. I don't know anything about winches but if you are in trees and mud that might be a consideration.
  17. Jk vs JL is it worth an upgrade

    Fuel economy is only part of the cost- you have mechanical wear, tires, etc. Plus if a person has a long commute they are likely doing 20k miles a year so after just a few years their nice new Jeep becomes a high mileage vehicle. Some people worry about this more than others, I don't mind...
  18. Why do JL owners do this?

    Ivory grips are the epitome of class on a fine sidearm, although they don't function any better than wood and they are hard to get these days with the ivory embargo. You may remember what Patton said in the movie about pearl handles on sidearms. Well I was in the Texas Ranger museum one time...
  19. Why do JL owners do this?

    People want to be different. It takes a lot of trouble, costs a lot of money, and sometimes makes you look worse but you do look different. In the old days it was easy to look different- you rolled up a pack of cigarettes in the sleeve of your white tshirt. Now it has gotten much harder-...
  20. Rubicon Take Offs Worth It?

    I agree. If we have to compare with new prices then the ones that are on my car now would be worth almost as much as Rubicon takeoffs.