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  1. JeepUniq HAM Radio Mount Review

    Can you measure the width as well? Sorry for being a pita.
  2. Rock slide Engineering fail

    Anybody know off hand what the price on these are during black Friday holiday time?
  3. JeepUniq HAM Radio Mount Review

    yeah I’ve been on their site and messaged them but got no response. From what I can see there are only two mic options that have the belt clip on their web site. I’m running a btech qhm22 with my uv5r so I’m hoping the belt clip dimension is the same as the baofeng one. I might use the Dremel to...
  4. JeepUniq HAM Radio Mount Review

    Can you measure the opening width of the mic mount? I’m using a different mic and trying to see if the belt clip will fit. Thanks!
  5. V8 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept drive review by MotorTrend

    Wow, what happened to all the "informed" people stating they already built x x amount of them and definitely going to be released....crickets.
  6. Diesel for sale

    Nice Jeep, but 80K?
  7. Another fun Sierra's trip

    Awesome times indeed. The FB recovery group has the thread, I’ll txt it to you Jonathan. They are “recovered”, vehicle up on pavement in bishop was last post. The fire shows 0% contained, I would definitely check throughout the week but Alabama hills was real smoky as seen in the pics.
  8. Jeeps w/ Poison Spyder Upgrades

    Yup I saw that video today! Life goals to run that trail along with the dusy. Looks like you guys had a blast up there!
  9. Jeeps w/ Poison Spyder Upgrades

    Its the american adventure labs system. It uses the stock tie down points but has steel bars running left to right for strength etc under the platform.I have my ARB Dual compressor under there in the hidden storage compartment using the rustys mount and piped to rear bumper so never use the...
  10. Jeeps w/ Poison Spyder Upgrades

    Running 37 and 3.5 lift, might go 39 or 40 after these wear out. I got a rear drawer full of tools, no bag needed
  11. Jeeps w/ Poison Spyder Upgrades

    Yeah its really the only slider with detachable steps. Rock Slide Engineering foldouts are great and all but with the abuse ill be going through I am not going to chance it also they are double the cost. Right now I have the stock rubi rails with detachable/retractable moore steps and they work...
  12. Jeeps w/ Poison Spyder Upgrades

    Thanks for the reply. Probably get the ps kit as I need the step for the wife, it’s her daily and she’s height limited haha I’ll hit up NORTHRIDGE and see what they say.
  13. Jeeps w/ Poison Spyder Upgrades

    I see you are in HI, but where did you order the step kt from? I dont see it listed on PS web site but 4 wheel parts and one other show them. Wonder how long it takes for PS to get them delivered...
  14. JL Rotopax "Caddie"

    I have the rockslide engineering spare tire mount with two 2 gal rotopax and your's looks like an alternate solution. From a quick glance will the right side rotopax clear the tail light housing? I know that is a problem with the rse and ended up having to move them upwards more...
  15. How feasible is it to remove BSG/E-Torque system?

    Doesn't the 2021 3.6 rubi come without BSG? Edit: Just saw the order guide, wow 3.6 without BSG only available with Manual trans. Guess Jeep/Dodge/Fiat really needed the CAFE numbers haha (sorry OP not laughing at you just the whole picture) Anything is possible with enough money but I have...
  16. Minnesota Outback Adventures Trailgater Table JL

    Whats the price shipped to 93536?
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Haha yeah it’s a slippery slope when going coil overs. Did you go with teraflex like you were planning? Not too many running their kit but I did look over the install instructions, dunno seems like a lot of jigsaw puzzles compared to rk or evo.
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Did you do a before and after to see how much uptravel you lost in the front with the high steer setup? How does it drive with the draglink and trackbar more parallel to the ground?
  19. American Adventure Labs Rear Cargo Platform

    So I finally had some time to play with the rear setup. Decided to cut off the left side locking tab and bend up the spring release so is it’s easy to unlock. I know this will have the slider not locked in place in the closed position with the fridge installed but this is the way I did it. Pics...