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  1. Tommy from TFL sold his Jeep

    This thread turned out better than expected. I’ll give it try. Hey y’all. Tommy sold his Jeep:
  2. Are cars becoming unserviceable?

    Asset light, cash flow heavy seems to be the direction that the corporations would like to push. Remember folks, wealth is what you keep, not what you earn.
  3. Macan EV Specs Impressive!

    Macan is the best looking small CUV. Don’t think anyone else comes close in ICE or BEV.
  4. Are cars becoming unserviceable?

    I hope he is wrong. Because if he is right then only the Camry and F150 owners have any hope in a future of unreliable supply chains.
  5. Death Wobble - Brand new 2022 Sahara @ 500 miles

    So it’s reproducible on the Parkway? Take it on the Cross Bronx Expressway at 3 AM on a weekday (so that you can actually hit “highway” speed) to make sure that the problem is fixed.
  6. Top-5 Accessories / Minor Modifications - Your List?

    I had been studying Wrangler listings for months before I decided to actually start visiting dealerships. I knew more about the Wrangler than the salesman so he did not try to sell me any last minute dealer installed crapola. I got the Rokblokz right away. They seemed ridiculously expensive...
  7. Top-5 Accessories / Minor Modifications - Your List?

    The dealership took me on a test drive along a mud soaked gravel field that ran along side railroad tracks. It was great fun kicking up all that mud and spraying rocks everywhere. But I knew right then that I would have to get extra large mud flaps and the the OEM ones from FCA just wouldn’t...
  8. Jumperless Aux Battery Bypass

    I’ve got a 2018 3.6 (thus should be the old configuration of the battery negative termonal connection) and my aftermarket main battery reads 12.8V on a voltmeter with all cables disconnected. But my battery reading on the dashboard shows 0.0V. (I’ve got the jumperless ESS configured right...
  9. After 4 years and 42K later ... It's time

    Mine died after 15k miles and it was really dead, like in a good way. I got the alert that ESS is not functioning and I left it like that for months. Finally after happily living without ESS and not being OCD enough to be bothered by seeing that little alert light on the dash all the time, I...
  10. New Owner - Dealer Should Be Arrested For Attempted Grand Larceny!

    I can’t help the OP but hopefully others who are reading this and in the process of searching for a vehicle purchase might benefit from the quoted text above. The Jeep in question had a uniqueness that was considered very valuable by the OP. If getting the best possible price is high on your...
  11. Trade In Value Plummet of Death

    OPs suspicions are borne out:
  12. Leak in Rhino Rack Backbone front pads

    I’m going to try this next:
  13. Leak in Rhino Rack Backbone front pads

    Yeah, the smart thing would have been to use some sort of captured bolt instead of bolt-and-nut so that you could loosen and tighten the pads without having to get a tool onto both sides of the hardtop.
  14. Leak in Rhino Rack Backbone front pads

    Before I start investigating, anyone else develop leaks in the first set of pads (the ones attached to roll bar) on their Backbone system? Mine have been dry during their first two years but seem to have sprung a leak.
  15. Jeep Quietly Leaves Huge Market (China)

    We’re already in trouble. We just don’t realize it yet. I too work in specialty US-headquartered manufacturing company in an industry that the Chinese still cannot come close to equaling. We have production facilities in China but it is not much cheaper to manufacture there. It’s the...
  16. Jeep Quietly Leaves Huge Market (China)
  17. Dead Pedals

    Cool. Does it scrape the paint?
  18. Dead Pedals

    OK - you love having a dead pedal because it improves the comfort of your driving experience. But what kills the comfort experience is having that door harness rubbing against your calf. I use a bungee cord to keep it out of the way. I like the bungees that have all plastic hardware so that...
  19. Dead Pedals

    There is a built in dead pedal on my manual transmission BMW 325. It’s great when whipping the vehicle around twisty canyon roads at high speed. The dead pedal is not a “third pedal.” With two hands on the wheel, left foot on the dead pedal, the right foot can float and do what it needs to do...
  20. Dead Pedals

    This one is made of a solid block of aluminum. I am 5’9” with a long torso so I would actually prefer if it was not as deep. But overall has very solid feel.