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  1. Florida JL Audio System

    How much for 1 set of speakers?
  2. Maryland Sold

    In Baltimore and can pick up today
  3. Need factory rear tow hook

    There is not a factory passenger side tow hook. The frame is not threaded on the bottom for the bolts.
  4. Maryland WTB: Rubicon Fenders

  5. Maryland WTB: rubicon fenders

    bump color does not matter and at this point id take a set that is textured black.
  6. Maryland WTB: Rubicon Fenders

  7. Maryland WTB: rubicon fenders

  8. Maryland WTB: Rubicon Fenders

  9. Maryland WTB: Rubicon Fenders

    looking for painted rubicon fenders, prefer granite crystal but open to any color.
  10. 40'S on your JL

    That’s a great idea. I’ll give that a shot

    I Would like to buy granite crystal rubicon fenders. Already split/chopped is fine. Will be running AAL light kit. Anyone selling please pm me
  12. Maryland WTB: rubicon fenders

    Looking for Rubicon fenders. Already split/chopped is fine. Will be running AAL light kit.
  13. 40'S on your JL

    Can you please send some pics of where you trimmed.
  14. 40'S on your JL

    Not hitting the firewall up front. Hitting the front of my fenders. Looks like I cut more away than your pic and still rub. You running spacers as well? My current backspacing is 4.5. I ordered a new set of KMC beadlocks and the backspacing is 3.5. And I’m running 1.75” spacers on all 4...
  15. 40'S on your JL

    I’m already at 4” and using the same Metalcloak ones. So are you sacrificing all your up travel!?
  16. 40'S on your JL

    How are you guys not rubbing the front inner liners rear wheel wells!? It’s driving me nuts. Already cut up my new tires. I’m running hydro front bumps lowered all the way down. 4” bump stops in the rear and trimmed wheel well, Road armor fenders, 3.5” lift, 1.75” wheel spacers and I still...
  17. Tennessee Looking for Rubicon Take Off Axles

    I’ll be in pigeon forge the end of June and can bring them down with me.
  18. Virginia re-gear. Any shops not ripping people off?

    call Scott At OCD in VA!