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  1. Lets see your 392 on 35's or 37's stock suspension or lifted...

    Great rig. Gotta ask, what rock slider running board is that?
  2. Adding rock sliders while keeping the OEM Rubicon rails?

    We do rock crawl when necessary. It just isn’t the primary focus. thx for the feedback
  3. Adding rock sliders while keeping the OEM Rubicon rails?

    Good day folks, slowly working on my build. ‘22 JLU XR. Was looking at adding rock sliders while keeping the OEM Rubi rails. To that end the ACE Engineering rails. A year ago they cost $580. Today they cost $1,000. Honestly in my opinion that’s more that they are worth. In that price range I...
  4. Driving on the Beach

    we spend our summers in the pacific NW and we too enjoy beach driving. We have several long beaches available for driving. The longest in our region is The Long Beach Peninsula is remarkable for its continuous sand beaches on the Pacific Ocean side, 28 miles in extent, claimed to be the...
  5. New JL - Couple Questions

    I too would recommend 67 design phone holder. I suggest one minor change though. I recommend using the 67 design bracket built for the 4Xe unless you need more than two arms. it has a ball for the phone and a ball for a GoPro. Leaves 75% of the cubby for other uses.
  6. One of my favorite mods. Only $12 -- centrifugal tire valve caps

    Ok, as silly as the topic sounds this really has become a favorite mod. For the few months I’ve been using centrifugal tire valve caps. They are awesome. Quick and easy. on my wheels the valve stems are well protected in the wheel castings. It’s a pain to get caps on/off with beg hands or with...
  7. Gaia Maps v. Off-road App v. On X Off

    I’m a happy user of Gaia Maos for multi day trips and for quick and easy day trips I’ve found the Off-road App (IOS) very convenien. It would appear On X has paid YouTube influencers to promote On X app. I’m just curious, if it has made a difference in end users. have you, or are...
  8. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Oregon beach at Sand Lake Dunes
  9. Forgot cold weather package on new order

    In h case, dealing with the dealer was not enjoyable. Based on my experience I’d simply cancel the order and then do a new order. as you said, it shouldn’t e difficult but I wouldn’t want to be inhoir shoes. good luck.
  10. Front camera option worth it?

    My first experience is on my 2022 JLU. LOVE IT! honesty I won’t ever oreder another Jeep without it.
  11. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Been in the sand. Mouth of the Columbia River.
  12. Tire Brands - the Good and the Bad

    Th thank you. Like you my first 2 Jeeps were CJ5’s. i appreciate your response.
  13. Tire Brands - the Good and the Bad

    Can I change the subject for a minute. I’m curious how distracting that bull bar (aka: crush bar) is in your forward facing camera. I’m trying to figure out if I can do similar or not do a bar at all?
  14. Underseat Knife Holder? SOLVED…Will use pepper spray instead.

    ”larger combat knife” might be more difficult but I use a magnet to hold a smaller EDC knife under driver seat. It includes a seat belt cutter. good luck in your search.
  15. Xtreme Recon daily driver?

    Just curious, Togo 37s do you also plan additional lift? Regear?
  16. Xtreme Recon daily driver?

    We DD ours. It is about to turn 10,000 miles and a high percentage of off highway. Love it.
  17. Off Roading for Dummies

    Two thumbs up. I’d offer advise but after reading this post it would be redundant. Nice post.
  18. Tire Brands - the Good and the Bad

    Ok, can I ask why?
  19. Front camera worth it?

    I ordered it and wondered if it was worth it. After doing Hells Revenge and Fins and Things in Moab I’m fully convinced I will never order another Jeep without it. it’s great to follow a line with the need for a spotter or hanging out the window to see the line. I think you will like it...