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  1. Windshield protection film after 6 months

    I had a broken windshield shortly after purchase, so I decided to try a film to protect it. I shopped around and there were multiple options, but it seemed the best one to try was this one: I've had it on about 6 months now and have...
  2. Has anybody tried installing PPF on their own headlights?

    Looking for input here. I have partial PPF. But I'm thinking I should have included the headlights. Has anybody tried this? I do mostly city and highway driving, but with some moderate off roads, mostly fire roads, not heavy duty rock crawling.
  3. Next upgrades?

    Hi all, I have a 2020 JLU sahara. I mostly drive it as a daily driver, but with some fairly mild fire roads on camping weekends. I'm looking to get into some slightly more challenging off road adventures, but nothing too difficult, I'm not looking to do the rubicon, for example. Looking for...