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  1. Baja S1 Mopar steel bumper

    Has anyone put a set of these in the reflector locations where the Oracle backup light go? I swear I saw a picture of someone who did it on here but cannot find it. I’m planning to modify a set of the Baja ones they make for the Gladiator to fit.
  2. North Carolina New 22 392XR Sarge

    My second 392 just went to JB status. I think I am going to stick with my current 22 Sting Grey 392XR. I am going to sell this one. It’s Sarge with XR, half doors, SOT, trail cam, trail rail, gorilla glass, and tow package. 95k, anyone interested? Located in Raleigh, NC
  3. North Carolina Sold: Tazer JL Mini - New in box

    Tazer JL Mini - New in box $275.00 shipped