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  1. How long did you wait before buying new tires?

    I took my stock tires off and got some KO2's within the first month or so. The old tires are sitting outside in my shed
  2. What do you feed your 4cyl Turbo? The good stuff, mid, or the cheap stuff?

    I run 87 but I usually stick to Chevron/Shell. I have recently been going to Costco/Safeway for my gas since it is exponentially cheaper ($3.95/gal vs. $5.59/gal) edit: did not realize the question was specifically for 2.0t. I have a 3.6 V6 but I would still do the same for a 2.0t
  3. A-Pillar Water Drip (TSB 23-041-21 REV. A)

    Had this happen to me on my 2021 Jeep Wrangler Sport S 3 Piece Hard top. I played with the little rubber piece and ever since it has not happened again. Weird little quirk :)
  4. How can I turn off this ridiculous 3 honk feature when leaving my car running? It's driving me nucking futs!

    I am not sure if it will, but possibly a Tazer? I do not believe there is an option within the screen to turn that off.
  5. Bumper damage

    Depending how bad, usually replacing it is the best way. It is a very hard plastic that is not easily fixed.
  6. Which Color Should Return/Make An Appearance?

    My list is: -Rhino -HellaYella -Snazzberry -Gobi
  7. Dash Cam - Witnessed Icy Bridge Crash

    as per the other comments, it is a good thing you were there! Glad you stopped and were able to help in some way.
  8. Dash Cam - Witnessed Icy Bridge Crash

    might even buy one for myself!
  9. Can you get a. 4xe. With the extreme recon packagev

    Xtreme Recon Package is not available to order on a 4xE, but you can get Full Time 4WD as a standard option
  10. 2020 Wrangler Sahara - Stock configuration

    Could very well be a suspension issue on the side that is sagging. Have you been able to look under there to see if anything is pre-maturely wearing?
  11. Why was the Recon EV created?

    I personally think that Jeep is going to make an all-new Electric lineup, as gas vehicles are going to eventually be phased out. Whether the manufacturer is going to keep the nameplates of previous models is unknown, but the Recon could be the "new" Electric Jeep Wrangler.
  12. Do I need Trailer Tow/Heavy Duty Electrical Group?

    agreed. I do not even tow anything but got the package for this reason.
  13. Since 1941

    Just got mine last year 2021! Have always loved Jeeps since I was little. My neighbor had a bright orange CJ-5, lifted and loud and since then have always dreamed of having one :rock:
  14. Re-fueling at Shell

    Always good to know for future reference! I did not realize this was a thing either until you mentioned it.. :giggle:
  15. Popped my Elk cherry

    Glad you were okay! Could've been worse given the size and speed!
  16. Door seal bad?

    I do not experience any additional wind noise, but my door did leak when it rained. I ended up fixing it by lining the stripping back up
  17. Build/Rig Journals ROAMER Edition

    Added 5% Ceramic Tint all around except windshield, and added my 33" spare tire and 3rd brake light relocation kit!
  18. Cold weather package, yeah!

    Cold weather package is a life saver, especially when you remote start and by the time you get in everything is warm. People in California say they don't need it, well they obviously don't go up to the snow! :giggle:
  19. Ceramic Vs. Regular Tint

    Thank you all for your replies. I ended up going 5% ceramic tint all the way around excluding the windshield. I absolutely love the look, and I will post some pictures in my build thread :rock:
  20. Ceramic Vs. Regular Tint

    I am in Northern California where the summers are hot and the winters are mildly cold (2 hrs North there is snow)