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  1. 7% Below Invoice on Jeep Wrangler Orders (including 392 and 4xe!)

    Seems like a great deal, I just sent you guys an email! ;)
  2. 392 broken axle

    Dam, I thought the 392 came standard with an anti-physics package. Anyways, as @chevymitchell said, it's all relative, everything has a limit. I remember I grenaded the shocks on my Tacoma and bent the control arms. Even with better suspension you run the risk of bending the frame or sapping...
  3. Do I _really_ need aux light pods or just better headlights?

    I suppose they can cost $200+ but prices are all over the place for those things. Quality seems to be hit or miss as well (amazon).
  4. Do I _really_ need aux light pods or just better headlights?

    I’d say that was a good purchase! Post up some pics when you get them! I’m personally interested in them as well! lol.
  5. When is the JL Facelift coming?

    Man, It’s that kind if BS that makes me avoid safety add-on’s whenever possible. There was a way to disconnect/disable it on my Tacoma. But then the dash runs a Christmas light show.
  6. When is the JL Facelift coming?

    I honestly thought the loud beeping was dangerous. First time it happened was at night and I was scared out of my mind. I even slowed down on the freeway thinking I was going to hit something. It was just so unexpected lol.
  7. Do I _really_ need aux light pods or just better headlights?

    I would consider upgrading the headlight bulb first (LED/HID) then better fogs (I like diode dynamics) and if you're still not happy then the entire Headlight. I'd leave any exterior off-road light pods last because they aren't really street legal and your head/fog lights will still suck on a...
  8. Dealers % Below Invoice on 2022 Wranglers

    I wonder if a few more dealers will offer a slight increase on their below invoice prices for December/January.
  9. When is the JL Facelift coming?

    Fully electric Speedo would be cool
  10. When is the JL Facelift coming?

    My only issue with body mounted mirrors is that I feel like they'll get ripped off on a narrow trail, which seems harder to fix than some cheap-o amazon mirrors. But that's just an assumption.
  11. When is the JL Facelift coming?

    My Tacoma had the safety crap and would freak out every time it saw a shadow. I HATED that thing, there's nothing like thinking you're about to plow into something that isn't there lol. Not Something id care for in a jeep.
  12. 37s stock JLR wheels 2.5" lift, must I do it all at once?

    Coming from a Toyota world, it’s crazy how such a small amount of mods can fit 37s. I had to chop the cab mount on my Tacoma to fit 33s lol.
  13. 37s stock JLR wheels 2.5" lift, must I do it all at once?

    My buddy has had 37s on the stock wheels since 2019, ran the rubicon, dusy ershim, etc.. no issues and its his daily.
  14. Let's Talk Fox 2.5" DSC Shocks Tuned By AccuTune vs. Stock Fox

    Cant answer your question but as others have posted, accutune is 100% worth it. Used them back when I had my Tacoma and their customer service is unmatched. Really appreciated their service. Also, those shocks eventually have to be rebuilt. Buying from them puts you in a position of future...
  15. Opinions on Moving Forward

    If you really don’t want lawyers and they still don’t fix it, tow it elsewhere. It’s worked for me in the past, sometimes it’s best to call it quits and get out of a shit situation.
  16. Opinions on Moving Forward

    Given that you exhaust all possibilities, before going down the lawyer route what about moving it to another dealership on a flat bed? kind of a shit idea, but I suppose it’s an idea. I once had a dealer blame me for putting water in my intake which was a lie. told them I’d tow it elsewhere and...
  17. Opinions on Moving Forward

    Agreed, at this point, this is the most appropriate avenue. By the time they decide to fix it, you'll have a complete rats nest living in all those exposed ports.
  18. Rancho RS9000XL are now here for the JL!

    Has anyone tried doing 2.5 springs with 3.5 RS9000 shocks? I'm curious if they're longer and provide more flex while keeping the 2.5 springs.
  19. Price increase 9/28

    Thank you. Had to cancel an order back in February due to some unforeseen issues and wanted to order some time in January or February but the price hikes are scaring me into ordering soon.. like December soon.