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  1. Carvana is in trouble, duh

    Same. Got 3k more offer from my dealer on my last jeep. Also when I did my truck trade in for fun, (2020 Ram 1500 4x4) they offered 2.5k less than my other local ram dealer and 2k less than the fire dealer by me (in person trade in at ram). My friend Jessica works for them and she is worried...
  2. A new customer to Jeep and already disappointed! Received Xtreme Recon wheels with 10 bolts (instead of advertised 25 bolts)

    All I can say is that regardless of issues, which I fully acknowledge and deal with, I absolutely love every jeep I’ve owned. The below is our Grand Cherokee L Limited I got as a mom car so the wifey could enjoy her wranglers for more fun, I just sold that Grand Cherokee L after 8 months because...
  3. What do you feed your 4cyl Turbo? The good stuff, mid, or the cheap stuff?

    engines typically call for better when it’s beneficial. Each motor is designed for a specific fuel type in my experience, I’ve not done the data myself so I admit this could be inaccurate but on the ram forum (my other vehicle is a Ram), an engineer did all this testing on the motors and what’s...

    Bumpy bump
  5. North Carolina 2023 Rubicon 392 XR take-off suspension

    Watching you watch him watch This thread 👀
  6. When is the JL Facelift coming?

    I know this may not have an impact on their decision, and I love the JL but I do think that with the first real threat ( bronco ) in years and years, I mean a full blown 12% or so market share loss to the bronco might change the pattern from history. It’s a cycle, the vehicles with more...
  7. Arizona Sold: Brand New rubicon take off shocks

    These were on Aprox a week, less than 200 miles. Took off my new rubicon. Just the shocks. First come first serve. $50 total.

    All five rubicon take offs, had the new jeep a few weeks but took these off after approx 3 weeks/250 miles. Asking $1,200, no shipping. Thanks guys and gals 💪🏼 (no tpms included does come with factory lugs and caps)
  9. What to charge for rubicon take off tires/wheels

    Awesome thanks! I’ll post em up
  10. What to charge for rubicon take off tires/wheels

    I’ve got my 3 week old rubicon tires and rims with a couple hundred miles and I’m lost as to what to ask for them.. wanna make a little back but not trying to get rich, just a fair price. Any suggestions?
  11. 37” Tires for my build. LOST…

    I just ordered the 392 version from Amazon! Haha Also because it’s a stationary part I used x32 (8 each side of the shock body) 13mm flat washers superglued them together for installation purposes. Sounds sketch but it’s a stationary part that just needs spacing, the extruding spacer attached...
  12. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Yes we got super lucky with the oem haha, didn’t get the hard top I needed for my roof tent but it was 95% what I wanted and this was a great option!
  13. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Yes the saddle leather color, goes much better with the green!
  14. Much change with 18's?

    They ugly don’t do it, everyone wants more meat 🥩!!! Haha if that’s your style go for it, but a buddy of mine did that at a local shop they talked him into 18’s and it doesn’t quite look right, he hates it Ofcourse, that extra inch really likes to get rock rash
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Thank you! They are my besties haha yes! My children 😂
  16. 37” Tires for my build. LOST…

    Yes I have the gladiator shocks front and back with with spacers kinda put together lift kit to fit the tires until I decide long term which lift to do. They are awesome just soft.
  17. Rancho RS9000XL are now here for the JL!

    That’s awesome, I’ve been wanting to do some wheeling in cali, never wheeled that way before. Also nevada, but [Banned Site] tan they hit fun trials out there
  18. Rancho RS9000XL are now here for the JL!

    Damn that’s a handsome jeep