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  1. Those with tow package, how did you wire your winch?

    What's the current rating on the Warn 62132? States "accessories" on their website. I've always gone to the battery.
  2. Opinions on Moving Forward

    I'd ask for a meeting with the service manager and GM. Frankly, they are tired of this issue as well and want you to be on your way. Usually you do better with "What would you suggest?" Mention "lawyer up" and it's probable work will come to a stop. Being honest, firm, and polite will...
  3. New Owner - Dealer Should Be Arrested For Attempted Grand Larceny!

    Rule #1, If financing, visit a bank or credit union before going to the dealership. Know your rate and any doc fees if present. Then negotiate a cash price on the vehicle. tell them you've secured outside financing. If they can beat the bank's rate, fine, but negotiate from a position of...
  4. Popped my Elk cherry

    Glad it didn't go through the windshield. It would be nice if someone harvested that, as I'm pretty sure it's hind quarter is broken up. Here it is whitetails, my property and the roads are full of them. it's the rutting season in Ohio, so they are on the move.
  5. Sadly, just gave up delivery of my new JLUR

    Damn, that's harsh. Funny, but harsh.
  6. Back window blow out

    Were there any accidents (that would affect the squareness of the top)? Also take a look at the tailgate (best alongside another JLU) to see that it's aligned properly. Something is likely putting tension on it. ...Or a rotten kid with a BB gun.
  7. 💰 Jeep Wranglers have the highest resale value (least depreciation) of all vehicles after 5 years ownership

    We did just fine: and Cars with the best resale value in iSeeCars, an analytics and car shopping firm, runs several research studies throughout the year to...
  8. Beadlock fail at SEMA causes broken leg

    "Penta" The original Hummer/H1 wheels were beadlocked with a rubber or magnesium runflat. Think of two dinner plates put back to back with with a rubber O-ring in between. 12 bolts held the halves together. The designers were smart enough to install 5 sided nuts to keep the average owner, or...
  9. 2023 Willy XR how hard to lockers?

    You can flick a locker on for half a second to gently climb over a rock ledge, where as with an LSD you'd be more likely to spin or stress an axle. Been wheeling since '91 on just about every surface.
  10. Overlanding with a 2 door soft top

    Hotel reservations.
  11. Trade In Value Plummet of Death

    Curious, I checked the value on my '21 2dr rubi with 27K. (MSRP about 48K, pd 44k) They want to give $34.5K, not surprising. Carvana makes their money not on actual car sales, but on selling the subprime debt on financed car sales. The company was set up to specifically benefit the early...
  12. 2023 with 1300 miles cold start check engine light

    get an inexpensive code reader and read the code, write it down for future reference and reset it. Post it hear. Could be something like an minor evap system leak.
  13. Protection packages from dealer

    Skip the dealer. Fluid Film the underside, it sprays on easy, two cans should do it, takes 20 minutes. It's kind of like Pam cooking spray, works well...
  14. Multiple Fatality Rollover in Gladiator - Near Ouray

    You just need less puncture resistant off road tires on most of those trails. Most surfaces are high traction. Since Silverton, Ouray, and Lake City banned Razrs on city streets, there are less of them on the trails. There is a house/cabin at the bottom near where the Gladiator went off the road.
  15. Valve stem failures

    You can replace the stem, or the whole unit. If they replaced the whole unit, they might have put in the wrong frequency unit. I believe there was a change around mid-21 on those.
  16. Warranty ending soon... What would you do...?

    We bought them on 3/7 jeeps, the ones likely to get the higher mileages. The 8/85 $200 plan through Ziegler was $1040 if under 1 yr, $1105 for the two bought after 12K miles. Bought through Zeigler.
  17. HMMWV H1 HUMVEE "Jeep" family?

    I had 4 of them. Put a Cummins Turbo Diesel in one of them(5.9 HO motor). Absolute beasts.