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  1. North Carolina 392 XR Wheels - Thinking of Selling

    Depends on if you are selling the tires and tire pressure sensors with them. I’d love to give you a low number and try and get them, but I would never feel right about it. Reality is I’ve seen the wheels and tires for as low as $1200, average of approx $2300, and as high as $3,000. You can go...
  2. Death Wobble - Brand new 2022 Sahara @ 500 miles

    I would be equally mad to have that issue out of the box, but have you considered the possibility that it was damaged in shipping from an improper tie down point and it may be an easy fix? There may be a lot of threads on death wobble, but few with only 500 miles and the Jeep in stock form. I...
  3. Jeep people are lucky!

    Damn, that’s the best post I’ve seen in a while. Well said!
  4. What to look for when purchasing a used JL.UW 2021 Willys?

    This is a new Jeep JL purchase checklist from a while ago. It might help. You also probably want to question what type of lift was put on to accommodate the 35s on 22”s. If it wasn’t designed for off road use and you...
  5. Sky one-touch side panel extra rubber seal

    Mine looks like that as well. I assume it’s because they are removable and the extra material is there to ensure it doesn’t leak.
  6. Scratched paint - how to fix this?

    If you off-road expect more, just part of life. You can likely make it a lot less noticeable with some polish and a buffing wheel, but unless you take it to a body shop it’s always going to be visible under certain lighting.
  7. Jack side mount

    That might create an unwanted blind spot.
  8. Foldable snow shovel recommendations?

    I’m assuming you need one to clear snow and don’t need to split someone’s skull open, if that’s the case Costco makes a nice one that I am planning on purchasing this season.
  9. Back window blow out

    Can you give a run down on the temperature from the night time low to to the morning high of 6 degrees?
  10. Uconnect Audio went ‘Scratchy’

    Common issue. Hold down the volume button and tuner button on the dials for 20 seconds and you can reset the u connect system. Should fix your issue.
  11. Ghost touch on touch screen

    Can also try pressing down the volume and tuner buttons at the same time for 10 to 20 seconds. This will reset your Uconnect system.
  12. BRONCO Raptor. Just saw one

    Lol, since we’re talking colors now, I genuinely think Toyota has stepped it up. I personally think their Solar Orange is awesome. May even be why Jeep is bringing back 🎃.
  13. "HurriCrate" Hurricane I6 Crate Engine Details Announced

    I’d love it, but I’m betting it won’t be cheap.
  14. Anyone else have issues with their Pentastar?

    Sorry to hear it, I haven’t had the same experience. Might be worth taking it to another shop to see if they find anything.
  15. Jeep Drivers Categories

    I dig it…I’d say I fit in somewhere between 2 and 3. Maybe a 2.4.
  16. Elitist Jeep Owners and Builds - you do you and I do me.

    I think it’s safe to say anyone posting on a Jeep forum is a poser who doesn’t wheel and only enjoys mall parking lots. 😏
  17. Jeep ownership in Florida is boring!

    You guessed it, I am at the gap. I haven’t been to Rausch yet. I usually go up to the Bald Eagle State Forrest area or AOAA. Definitely not complaining about being here, it’s a beautiful area. So much so that my wife is leaning on staying after we retire. I’m down with that as long as we escape...
  18. Jeep ownership in Florida is boring!

    Army, going on 28 years now. And thanks for your service as well!
  19. Jeep ownership in Florida is boring!

    I think it’s easy to look at this site and be envious of where everyone else gets to wheel. It’s funny because being in PA I am sometimes envious of the pictures people post of the wide open trails in FL, Jeep beach week, and Jeep Jam down in Panama City. Of course I’m a displaced Floridian...