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  1. Arizona Sold: Brand New rubicon take off shocks

    These were on Aprox a week, less than 200 miles. Took off my new rubicon. Just the shocks. First come first serve. $50 total.

    All five rubicon take offs, had the new jeep a few weeks but took these off after approx 3 weeks/250 miles. Asking $1,200, no shipping. Thanks guys and gals 💪🏼 (no tpms included does come with factory lugs and caps)
  3. What to charge for rubicon take off tires/wheels

    I’ve got my 3 week old rubicon tires and rims with a couple hundred miles and I’m lost as to what to ask for them.. wanna make a little back but not trying to get rich, just a fair price. Any suggestions?
  4. LIFT HELP! Lift geniuses..

    Wife’s girl friend has a 2021 rubicon 4 door 3.6l totally stock. she just got a 2” spacer lift kit that included shock relocation brackets, longer sway bar links, and longer bump stops. Seems to drive and look great for her uses, however for looks since she doesn’t drive a lot of miles she...
  5. Post your gear ratio for 2.0L JLUR on 37’s!

    Lots of threads on the 3.6, most people run with the 4.88’s, but the 2.0 turbo builds power differently, what was your choice? Happy? Would you go back and choose something else? 5.13’s? Looking for real world, less interested in the exact data.
  6. 37” Tires for my build. LOST…

    I’ve read enough threads on here regarding which tires to go with for a lifetime. So for fun, if you’re the type that feels like sharing, and you feel strongly about your tires or have a strong opinion in regards to what to shy away from, share it. All opinions welcome. I’m going 37”, the exact...
  7. if you’re new here, take advantage of this awesome cumminity💪🏼

    Just wanted to point out how helpful this forum is, when I was new to jeeps it saved me so many times. Posted community events, sponsors, members, and mechanical information, I don’t know of a more useful FREE platform anywhere. Don’t take it for granted, this community is bada$$! If you’re...
  8. Best QUALITY, handling lift kit 2.5” -3” for new Rubicon?

    I am looking for the very best (quality, USA made, best handling all inclusive (without shocks) lift out there for new rubicons. Want to stay around 2.5-3” for 37’s
  9. Arizona Rubicon steel mopar bumper

    Looking to replace my plastic rubicon bumper for the steel rubicon bumper! looking to either buy or trade plus cash
  10. Arizona LF - Black hard top 2022

    Just picked up my 2022 sarge green rubicon and it came with a soft top… looking to buy or trade for a hard top!
  11. Arizona Sarge green rubi XR fenders or black XR fenders

    Looking to buy or trade, looking for XR black or sarge green painted fenders!(: I’m in arizona but don’t mind an excuse to drive somewhere 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. US “center chapel run” summer 2021

    After watching Tom Brady the GOAT win the super bowl I watched the jeep commercial about the center of the US chapel. It got me thinking, how incredible would it be to do a road trip to that chapel this summer? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤘🏼
  13. Rubi fenders wiring harness missing!!!

    Just picked up a pair of rubicon fender and the wiring is just cut... I need the connector to plug into my jeep (the connector that plugs in in the fender well ) and I can’t seem to find the part or help anywhere..
  14. Falcon nexus hd steering stabilizer snapped

    so two days ago I had the falcon nexus adjustable hd steering stabilizer installer on my 4 day old JLU. Today when driving the steering became loose and I got under it to find the falcon (teraflex) bracket snapped in half... this was installed properly and nothing during driving was abnormal or...
  15. Arizona Sold: Wanted! Taser mini!

    Looking to buy a taser mini for my jl in Arizona! If anyone has one for around 200$ (that’s what I’ve seen them go for ) let me know I’ve got cash!
  16. $600 for used 2019 Rubicon metal three piece bumper?

    Someone on Facebook has a 2019 rubicon metal three piece bumper not dented or any bent brackets etc but pretty dirty and worn. They want like 600$ for it I’ve seen them go lower. What would be a fair price? It’s used pretty good not new at all
  17. Help!!! Where are people ordering or buying their milestar Patagonia’s???

    I’m in Arizona and it’s been a few days and I can’t seem to find anywhere with in stock 37x12.5r17 Patagonia’s