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  1. Ok to steer Jeep with engine off?

    That likely happened because the angle of the road and how the tires were hitting it made it "want" to turn in that direction, so the steering wheel felt very light in that direction. If you had turned the other way it probably would have felt extremely hard. By the way, be careful doing this...
  2. Time Period Between Scheduled Date & Date Production Starts

    Yeah, it's rough. But it's not unique to jeeps. Any vehicle with a lot of options is taking a really long time to build, depending on the specific options that you choose. It's also hard to know where you line up. You're probably waiting for them to push a the 392s through the line for a few...
  3. No need for chalk, the road salt alerted me to tire pressure

    Interesting visual with the salt.
  4. Currie Antirock Question or Feedback

    Would be interesting to hear your thoughts after you've installed it.
  5. Under $100 gifts for Jeepers

    This is a bit higher than that, but I've been really happy with my windshield protection film kit. It might not be that exciting of a gift, though, I guess it depends on your perspective.
  6. Thoughts on a body lift?

    Agree that first step is adding some stops. After that, I'd try new fenders. I'm not really a fan of body lifts, mostly because I think new fenders looks better.
  7. Gorilla Glass update

    I was tried of broken windshields. Rather than pay the extra $300 for GG, I went with this windshield film kit: So far, its worked out to be everything I had hoped to get from a stronger windshield.
  8. Hitch Hauler Luggage

    Lol, that makes more sense!
  9. Hitch Hauler Luggage

    Wow, you put 850 pounds of water on yours? I just have a cheap cargo basket, I don't think mine could handle that kind of weight, I just use it to put the bulky camping items.
  10. 10,000 plus check.

    Yeah, no such thing as a free lunch. Its basic economics. Unfortunately, these gimmicks still work on people.
  11. When is the JL Facelift coming?

    I'd prefer they keep it for a few more years. It helps to make repair parts cheaper for all of us when they wait longer to change it up. Unless they're going to make major improvements in the engine, drivetrain, etc, I'd rather they just leave the aesthetics basically the same.
  12. Good Lord, the price of an oil filter!!!

    ouch, thats brutal for a simple routine maintenance part.
  13. Windshield/Clearplex Installed today + Gorilla Glass 🙏🤣

    Looks good. I'm using the same kit on the opposite coast. I've had it over 6 months and so far its doing everything I hoped.
  14. Targe Industries Windshield Protection

    I've been hearing mixed reviews about the GG windshields.
  15. Another dealer group busted. Please no politics.

    I don't think it's impossible to have a dealership system that is honest. But the way its currently working is pretty nuts 90% of the time. The sales people generally work really hard for not much money, while the auto dealer itself makes a lot of money usually, basically by having a monopoly on...

    I've heard the matte paint is a huge pain to maintain, so people do the ppf instead?
  17. Random harness found?

    It is normal to run some portions of harnesses for accessories. Its just easier in production to do that for every vehicle, and then leave off the more accessible parts if the customer didn't order that option.
  18. Paint Chip from Highway driving. The doors are aluminum on the JL? Do you guys find such paint chips on your jeep?

    No rust issues. That also means you can use one of those paint marker things and it will actually work ok.
  19. Popped my Elk cherry

    Oh wow, sorry to hear that. That was a big elk. Looks like you saw it right before you hit it and got a little bit of braking in? That probably helped.
  20. Windshield protection film after 6 months

    The one that I used was a pretty easy install, and was less than half the price what local shops were quoting me to do the install. I guess the labor at shops much be most of what you're paying for, it did take me about 45 minutes, although it was an easy 45 minutes, its basically a giant screen...