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  1. Possible 2023 model year soon on

    I got a little curious to see about the 2023 and it looks like Jeep has started getting it setup as the graphics look different than the current version and the prices have gone up (shocker) Jeep 392 would now start at 80k. All you need to do is replace 2022 with 2023 in the two spots.
  2. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 @ GTRally 5

    I was able to take the 392 on a car rally this past weekend and just got some of the photos of my Jeep when I rolled pasted the camera car. Here they are. I think they came out good and I was able to use the whole speedometer…because I paid for the whole speedometer.
  3. Doug Demuro Reviews Jeep Wrangler 392 Xtreme Rubicon

    Just saw that Doug Demuro reviewed a 2021 Jeep Wrangler 392 w/ the Xtreme Rubicon package. What caught my attention was the graphic at 10:46 marker.
  4. Oil changed = damaged fender

    Just got back from the local dealer (not Chapman) for its first oil change after the break in period. Just noticed (see photos below) the fender has scuffs scrapes and scratches…how do you damage a fender during an oil change let alone not clean up after yourself. Going to the dealer Monday to...
  5. Chapman Purchase Experience - 2021 Jeep JLUR 392

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to make a proper review here for those who have ordered their Jeep's at Chapman, or who wanting to order and not sure who to go with. I saw @dealerinsider post regarding invoice pricing for all CDJR products they sell. I reached out to Tom and ask if that also applied...