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  1. Rock krawler lifts thoughts

    I’m looking at doing the 2.5 392 Adventure series.
  2. 392 Death Wobble @ 13,904 miles on the ODO

    Are you more likely to get DW with factory suspension or just with a lift? Or you are going to get it regardless.
  3. 392 Dana 44 axles beefed up for 392?

    Did this bolt right up on a 392XR?
  4. Part # for Xtreme Recon Wheels

    Hi, does anyone have the paint code for the 392 XR bronze wheels?
  5. NEW! Elite Series JL Wrangler & JT Gladiator LED Headlights from Diode Dynamics

    Do you have any nighttime video of these in action? Would really be nice to see an output comparison vs stock to get me off the fence.
  6. North Carolina Mopar Steel Rear Bumper With Sensor Holes

    Do you have any plans to be near the Raleigh area?
  7. North Carolina Mopar Steel Rear Bumper With Sensor Holes

    If you do end up splitting them up let me know as I would be interested in the rear bumper. I’m in Raleigh.
  8. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    I’m being told they no longer do any price protection at all. So the 10% off deal is at todays MSRP not Jan 6th MSRP which is a big difference.
  9. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    My January 6th order showed up finally but Chapman is raising the price by $5,095.
  10. Baja S1 Mopar steel bumper

    Has anyone put a set of these in the reflector locations where the Oracle backup light go? I swear I saw a picture of someone who did it on here but cannot find it. I’m planning to modify a set of the Baja ones they make for the Gladiator to fit.
  11. North Carolina New 22 392XR Sarge

    True but thankfully only 3% in NC so not terrible.
  12. North Carolina New 22 392XR Sarge

    I did get it at a deal and I am selling it for a profit. This is pretty much what you would pay if you walked into a dealer and bought one off the lot right now. Likely it would be a lot more. Anyone is free to order one, wait 5-8 months, and likely get a great deal. If you want one right now it...
  13. North Carolina New 22 392XR Sarge

    My second 392 just went to JB status. I think I am going to stick with my current 22 Sting Grey 392XR. I am going to sell this one. It’s Sarge with XR, half doors, SOT, trail cam, trail rail, gorilla glass, and tow package. 95k, anyone interested? Located in Raleigh, NC
  14. Prevent interior power with doors opening?

    Couldn't you just disconnect door harnesses like you were taking them off?
  15. North Carolina Sold: Tazer JL Mini - New in box

    Tazer JL Mini - New in box $275.00 shipped
  16. OEM Steel Rear Bumper Improvements

    Anyone ever considered taking the bumper to a shop and having a 1/2” or more shaved off the top inside lip. That would get the bumper more clearance from the tub and it would have to flex a lot to make contact. As it sits now it’s a 1/2” or less gap.
  17. Off road plus????

    In a 392 off-road + is like sport mode. It can be used in 4auto on dry pavement in addition to 4H off-road.
  18. Finally test drive a 392

    This has to be the dumbest post I have seen.
  19. Installing the Jeep Grab Handles with a Sky One Touch roof

    Anyone ever get backseat handles to work?
  20. Replacement Shock Decals