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  1. Start/Stop Problem

    I had this happen to me in Nov. I replaced the 12 volt battery and it shut off at the first stop sign. No other signs that the battery wasn’t healthy, started fine, drove fine, winched fine… Jeep is a 2018 Engine is 2.0 turbo and electric generator (12 volt and 48 volt batteries)
  2. Alpine 409 restyle.

    I have the x409 and alpine speakers in the roll bar, and added a wireless CarPlay adapter from Amazon. I like it but my main reason getting was the external accessories control, I have my lockers, compressor and winch power controlled through the radio. I also really like the front camera, you...
  3. 2018 2.0 ESS battery issue

    I had the same problem on my 2018 2.0 back in Nov. no matter how long I drove it, it always said charging battery. I replaced the 12V battery and it shut down at the first stop sign. Also,You’ll probably notice that your MPG has gone way down, the generator is spending all its time trying to...
  4. Embarrasing, but I have to ask !

    Not sure if it’s the same thing, but during last week’s blizzard I left to get parts to repair the snowblower, it reversed just fine, but when I hit the snow bank at the end of the driveway it flipped out, the D next to the shifter was blinking, the dash said to put it in park before selecting a...
  5. Skid Plates for 2-door 2.0?

    Rusty’s offroad
  6. On a scale of 1/10 rate the douche level.

    At least he has his seat belt on, but she doesn’t…
  7. which sway bar quick disconnects?

    Yes, as long as you install the passenger and driver side bracket the end links will reach the retention bracket.
  8. which sway bar quick disconnects?

    yea, that’s what I did, I have the mopar 2” lift (actually 3”) and used the 0-2” version. FYI, that relocation bracket is a PITA to install, the cutting of the rubber boot where the spring is was the hardest part while it’s still on the vehicle. Maybe an hour each, very tight)
  9. The hole on roll bar - what is designed for?

    Can confirm that it is not for soft top hardware.
  10. Need some suggestions, speaker upgrade on 2018 JL with Alpine premium sound system

    I have the Alpine SPV-65-jlt speakers in the sound bar along with a aftermarket Alpine head unit. The speakers sound great, very clear, but I was really impressed when I could do 80 on the highway with the top down, turn it up and it’s still clear (near its limits though)
  11. which sway bar quick disconnects?

    I got the Synergy Front Sway Bar Link Relocation Brackets and the JKS Quicker disconnects. The longer mounting point had to be cut shorter to clear the end and make up for the added space of the bracket. No cutting...
  12. Simple 2-way radio mic mount

    After the adhesive backing fell off several times, I made this, it’s a piece of scrap suede, I took apart the 2 halves of the mic holder that came with the midland radio, poked 2 holes, screwed it back together with the suede in between, popes open the trim with a pry tool, inserted it behind...
  13. new radio install can bus connect.

    Are you talking about the can junction connector bank behind the glove box in the dash? I just used the closest empty port, I’m pretty sure that you could use anyone there.
  14. Midland mxt275 can’t hear speaker on base?

    Did you adjust the settings to enable that speaker? You can set the speaker to be the one in the handheld, the base or both. See page 25 Manual
  15. Air compressor recommendations

    I have the ARB twin air with this Grimm under hood mount and I like it a lot, and like someone else said, it will air up all 4 tires from 15 psi to 37 psi in less then 5 min. But I will say that last time I was airing up, the guy next to me had a viair compressor (don’t know the model) and he...
  16. California HELP! Need Your GMRS Antenna Mounting Recommendations for '21 JLU

    I put mine above the driver’s fender. Bent some thin metal by hand to match the curve under the hood and used a free bolt.
  17. Anyone remove the one touch power retractable roof?

    Brandon Haneline- how to remove a one touch power top
  18. Oil change at dealer. 5 vs 6 quarts. Not a repeat thread. LOOK!

    not just us, this one is fresh off the dealer lot. But this one is too fancy to even have a dip stick. I guess no one knows how to change oil.
  19. GMRS Radios

    Yes, my group in MA switched to FRS (GMRS shares many of the same channels) 3 years ago. Works well for us, even the hardware store blister pack ones, but I installed the Midland mXt275 mobile radio last year, IRL I get about a mile with the small stubby antenna.
  20. Who actually uses A/C?

    I’ve lived in Texas and now New England, top town ac on high. My way of fixing global warming.