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  1. EARL Wrangler JL Club / Photos

    A 2 door! Wow! Should have been tan seats =/
  2. GOBI JL Wrangler Club

    Beautiful! What are the options?
  3. GOBI JL Wrangler Club

    BROTHER! 6speed? What are options? Us 2 door Gobi are RARE.
  4. Mall of Georgia tracking thread

    I did a few so far, redline hood struts, the visor reinforcement bits, stubby antennea. After getting a good feel for stock I gotta say, I don't have a strong desire to swap wheels and tires. The 4.88's make the 33's fun. It's only used around town and does everything I could ask for. 32 psi...
  5. Mall of Georgia tracking thread

    Slightly better than my 15 mpg in the 2dr manual!
  6. Mall of Georgia tracking thread

    Nah I am just wierd about the paint
  7. EARL Wrangler JL Club / Photos

    As I sit watching this thread from afar (in gobi land) I am waiting for some HQ pics to determine if the house needs another Jeep.
  8. Ask Ratbert

    Oh wise one, does it appear all Gobi have been built or doth some still linger?
  9. 4.88 manual?

    I'll tell you I was really deadset on swapping the grey/silver dash with leather but there really is no need. Breaks it up nicely on my gobi/tan interior. You picked the combo I would have totally gone with if there was no Gobi.
  10. 4.88 manual?

    Hang your head high! You got Earl in the best interior color and picked the best factory option!
  11. 4.88 manual?

    2nd and 3rd are my favorite gears.
  12. 4.88 manual?

    Update for my 2 dr 4.88's with the 6 speed in a Rubi. The ONLY thing I am not a huge fan of is the grab point of the clutch being higher than I am used to. Big deal? Nope. Just something to be mindful of. If you are expecting a high performance clutch in general, this ain't it. The 4.88's...
  13. PPF and Ceramic Coating Pricing

    I just got quoted 5300 for my 2 door today. 10 year warranty from a reputable place in town. Yowzersssss
  14. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    It's a super useful tool for washing. You wet your vehicle down, use the foam cannon to suds it down. Helps lift and cover the paint with suds before you wash.
  15. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    Going to foam gun her and install visor clip protector things for preventative care, stubby antennea, and my personal fav, remove the back seat.
  16. 4.88 manual?

    At this point in a few hundred miles I am totally use to the 4.88 gearing. Wayyyy better than my old JK with 3.73 and 33's
  17. GOBI JL Wrangler Club

    Iron remover, clay bar, polish, wax. Paint was very good overall, minus a SPECK of crap in the paint on hood. Since I went over every inch it's glaring to me now, but I doubt any normal human would notice. Update on the 4.88's, I figured out how to adjust my shifting. It's even more fun now...
  18. GOBI JL Wrangler Club

    Looks great, fellow hard top black fender brother!
  19. Garages: Pictures and Help—

    I put a window AC in my 1 car garage this morning and felt great about it. This thread is slightly larger an upgrade.
  20. Why Are 2-Doors Fun to Drive?

    4.88's on a 2dr are a HOOT. Even with stock rubi 33's.