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  1. When is the JL Facelift coming?

    Now that I’m not having constant ESS and transfer case problems, I'm pretty happy. A couple of wants: 1. Ditch usb A. While you're at it, power all the ports with PD and throw a hub somewhere under the dash so it's easier to add stuff. 2. NVM. I'd like to have conversations above 60mph. 3...
  2. Jeep reliability according to Consumer Reports 2022 study

    My breaks squeeky and my 4wd system has trouble staying in 4LO. Sounds spot on.
  3. Lift “Kit” Build Ideas

    Yeah, I’m still not great at staying straight after 45k miles. I actually got pulled over once cause the cop thought I might have been drinking. LOL.
  4. Lift “Kit” Build Ideas

    Don’t discount picking up a Rubicon or XR package takeoff. These are more than enough for a lot of people.
  5. How do you get your dog into the Jeep

    No problems here. I have a properly sized dog. 😝
  6. Colorado Xtreme Recon Rubicon suspension pull-offs

    I'll take them if they're available. That said, you may wanna look into if the 2.0 springs are to light for you.
  7. I’m looking at a 2023 4-door Sahara with 3.6 6-cyl gas engine. It was suggested this engine is the way to go vs diesel or hybrid. Please share info

    I custom ordered the 3.6, no eTorque. I specifically wanted this engine as it's very proven and the mostly likely to be maintainable outside the US. Would I like the MPG of the desiel or torque of the 4xe or 392? Sure, but those come at costs and I'm happy with what I have and would not change...
  8. 💰 Jeep Wranglers have the highest resale value (least depreciation) of all vehicles after 5 years ownership

    I wonder if that's 7.3% over 5 years or each year. Must be over the full 5 years because I don't see 5 year old JLs being worth 37% less than new. I just ran the KBB and my private part is $47,995 which is a few hundred more than I paid for the car. Can't be upset about that. Heck even my trade...
  9. Black Rifle Coffee Co. Jeep Chase

    This tells me their coffee is crap.
  10. Jeep Quietly Leaves Huge Market (China)

    Or maybe it’s just that their goodwill in China isn’t worth much and they don’t offer any vehicles suited for the tastes of that market's consumers. If you think any large corporation is doing something for the sake of patriotism, you’re nuts. They only care about patriotism when it’s highly...
  11. Retail price went up.... by a lot!

    Looks like the build of my ‘20 went from a msrp of $53k to now $58k. That’s much less than the inflation rate over the same period. … and to get the auto trans I’d be forced to also get etourque. I've got a nice espresso machine and it went up 50% in the same time frame.
  12. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO3 tires coming soon

    7 years is newish compared to the 378 year run of the original.
  13. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO3 tires coming soon

    That sounds perfect. After 40k+ on my JLUR, I think I could get away with damn near a highway tire with as good as the traction gets with the axles locked up. Now, this is based on nearly all my driving being in in Colorado, and the Southwest. My only concern with a true highway tire would be...
  14. Trade In Value Plummet of Death

    So you’re asking why the used car market is starting to reflect reality again?
  15. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO3 tires coming soon

    Im in the same boat. The only reason I have 315s is because I found a pair with 80% life left for $700. I doubt that’ll happen again, so it’s back to 33s when these are done.
  16. AR | Jeep STIRRUPS Wrangler X GLADIATOR

    No argument there… except maybe quality. I think you’re substituting “quality” for production effort. They’re two different things. My rails are a fairly basic perfect for its job kind of thing. Yours is more of a car fashion product. The machining in your photo is beautiful!
  17. AR | Jeep STIRRUPS Wrangler X GLADIATOR

    I got my sliders that put a bar there for $300. Man, I’m in the wrong business!