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  1. A new customer to Jeep and already disappointed! Received Xtreme Recon wheels with 10 bolts (instead of advertised 25 bolts)

    50k mortgage downpayment? You are like 2 decades behind lol. Every SUV is like 50k now. Not just because inflation but also because people want their giant infotainment screens, leather seats, spacious cabin, leather accents, etc... and now "beauty rings" apparently. We all want luxury but we...
  2. Possible to add off-road camera?

    Chill my man. I do offroad. Maybe we offroad with different people. I dont do trails with people on nissan frontiers cause theyd get pretty bad body damage. Nobody is using cameras when we go offroad. I dont know how people have been doing the Rubicon trail and going to Utah without cameras...
  3. Traction control

    While unmarried, does it keep memory of ESS button and stuff? The reason I ask is because I get this exact issue when the following happens: 1) I am off-roading on 4LO. 4LO turns off traction control. 2) I turn off the Jeep while the transfer case is on 4LO. 3) I turn the jeep back on, go on...
  4. Traction control

    do you have a tazer?
  5. Possible to add off-road camera?

    there is an easy fix for the off-road camera and works better. 1) Get off the Jeep walk the trail, take mental snapshots of it. 2) Roll down the window and take a look out when possible. 3) Tell your passenger to get off the Jeep and start spotting. Off road cameras dont capture the real scale...
  6. My wife wants me to get Jeep friends

    That's awesome. The part that I am more worried about though. Do you have friends now?
  7. Bumper damage

    If you were in the Los Angeles area I would give you my stock bumper for free.
  8. What to buy?

    Nice gladiator though
  9. Soft Shackle On A Winch Line?

    I wouldnt worry about UV. Worry about dirt.
  10. How would you handle this with a shop?

    Really doubt they did. You think they hook up the rope to a tree or other vehicle and winched? Ive never seen any shop do that. Usually assume it is winch maintenance responsibility of the owner.
  11. How would you handle this with a shop?

    He is gonna have to unspool the rope anyway as I doubt they pre-tensioned it. Unless the winch is purely for show. I do my rope every few months.
  12. How would you handle this with a shop?

    I really. really fail to see anything major here. Am I the only one?. Not worth it. Have a beer and relax. Those miniscule, almost negligible scratches that you posted on your pictures can be touched up in less than a minute. #4 is an oversight from their side. Reinstalling the rope isn't a...
  13. Jeep falls on truck after rolling off interstate in Pensacola

    She was just trying to take a shortcut. In Florida it is very common to switch several lanes at once. She just wanted to take it a step further and switch several lanes + streets.
  14. Do I need to regear if I get 34” tires on my 2 door Sport S

    Pick up the tires. Drive it and if it bothers you, regear.
  15. 35s? is the hit to mpg from the extra weight or the extra width?

    My brain doesn't understand how a skinnier tire can have the same contact patch as a tire that is the same height yet wider. Makes no sense. Maybe the contact patch gained with width is somewhat "negligible" compared to the contact patch gained with height?
  16. Do I have a bad alternator

    I do have a tazer. Will run the firmware update today. Thanks!
  17. Do I have a bad alternator

    So I have a brand new battery. My AUX battery is bypassed and ESS is deactivated. Every few weeks, three weeks or so I have to recharge my main battery with a smart charger. Then the battery runs strong for a week or two until it starts to die and I have to recharge again. During the week or two...
  18. Are 4.10s sufficient?

    I think what he is saying is that at a scenario like your example the Jeep with 4.10s will simply downshift to 7 and keep the same ratio. While the jeep with shorter gear will run on 8th speed. So when the engine goes under load, slight hill, acceleration, the 8speed will downshift accordingly...
  19. Now I can never unsee it....

    Yeah.. not normal guys... Not normal...
  20. Are 4.10s sufficient?

    "trading in" will cost you a lot more than regearing. But if you need an "excuse" to upgrade to a Rubicon. Go for it. You get a lot more than just the lower gearing. 4.10s might still not feel "adequate" for you though.