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  1. Winch Installer scratched my Jeep!

    when they firse came out, I, too thought the same & somehow, not even searching for this vehicle, came upon a video of a crash test: F**K me! them things are hella safe..but I prefer my jeep:
  2. cargo bin storage bags

    perfect, thanks a bunch!
  3. cargo bin storage bags

    I've seen images & links to the bags (3 pc set( that fit nicely in hte cargo bin, but for the life of me, I can't seem to find them: assistance, please
  4. All Fender Flare Options (I think)

    I was looking for the MP concepts on line: MEH 658 for just the front...THEN! I found the chineese manufacturer on Alibaba: $400 for all 4 with inners & signals!
  5. Would like some insight on how it would be to daily a wrangler.

    you are correct: I meant the sway bar disconnect: my apologies for the cranial flatulence
  6. Would like some insight on how it would be to daily a wrangler.

    I can only speak to this question from MY experience: Originally, after deciding on a willys due to the larger rubicon brakes & knowing damn well that I'd probably not see more than forest service roads & would probably never use the FAD, I went in to the dealership to order a willys. when the...
  7. Would like some insight on how it would be to daily a wrangler.

    BEFORE you place an order, there's a thread in here (ratbert?) showing various dealers and what kind of pricing they're offering (some as much as 7% UNDER msrp or invoice): check out the thread, make some inquiriews & THEN go see your dealer surprised what having knowledge ahead of...
  8. Targe Industries Windshield Protection

    I've got the R/O tear-off as well: due for another one this spring, but I guarantee you that if I didn't have it, I'd have gone through several windshields by now: there are several "dings" where I've taken severe rock impacts, yet the windshield itself is unmarred
  9. New RIVAL Stamped Steel Modular Bumper

    without reading through the entire thread, and looking at the product on your web site, the hoop is described as a "led" I blind and just not seeing the led's?
  10. Recommendations for floor jack and stands?

    after larget tires & a 2.5 lift, even the floor jack I had here was useless: ended up going with a max reach floor jack: and a set of higher reach jack stands...
  11. Swapping OE fog light bulbs with yellow LED bulbs?
  12. Swapping OE fog light bulbs with yellow LED bulbs? personally, I found the film, although easy to use & fit, lacked the more true yellow light that I prefer & was more of a yelloish white..if that...
  13. Anybody running these really unique aftermarket sequential LED Tail lights by CJ Off-Road?

    it is my understanding, and I KNOW someone will be along shortly to tell us IF I'm wrong: the only difference between the standard wrangler (all trim levels) and the XR is that the XR package had extenders (easily removeable) between the body and light to compensate for the larger spare &...
  14. Mudflaps recommendation!

    why yes, yes they do
  15. "Aux buttons not avail while battery charges"

    not so fast, buckaroo....I've recently been getting that message with my genesis nothing's foolproof
  16. Sting Grey Rubicon - Australia
  17. Advice With Headliners

    depending on how handy you are, this is another it's totally customizable
  18. And shes naked!

    over my head? not hardly..and i, too was being funny,
  19. And shes naked!

    if click bait, does that mean shes a mas...... uhhhh never mind