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  1. U-Connect “Update failed- please re-insert USB”

    Unless you are over on mileage, the radio is fully covered under warranty and there should be zero diagnostic charge/fee nor any other.
  2. Auxbeam RGB Grille Lights on JL?

    The JK doesn't come with a grille insert, so how are these supposed to mount on one? Also, if you look at the pics in the listing they show a JK and JL. I'm leaning toward these actually being for a JL. The JL has 2 different grille inserts, so that's what the real question should be. Which...
  3. 265 70 18 G015 LT

    Check out the Coopers that I mentioned above. You can get them at a great price if you do some searching.
  4. 265 70 18 G015 LT

    E rated tires may ride a bit harsher than a C rated tire, but I have nothing to really base that on other than what I've read here and elsewhere. If you're going to be towing, as you mentioned, then they may be a good choice in terms of longevity.
  5. 2H indicator flickers, then Service 4wd light comes on randomly

    Sounds weird for the issue you describe, but have you had your batteries checked? The stock JL batteries are known to pretty much "suck" and cause all kinds of weird electrical issues when they start going bad.
  6. After 4 years and 42K later ... It's time

    It's not an engine issue. Intermittent issues with ESS are a symptom of a dying/worn aux battery (or main or both).
  7. 2018 JL SAHARA 2.0L

    There is no magic code to updating. You need to update via USB. UConnect will send the update on USB (it will likely still be outdated), however you can do it yourself. Read through the following thread...
  8. 2018 Unlimited Sport JL rear seat headrest removal it's impossible.

    I'm not aware of any way to remove the rear head rests. When I installed my PRP seat covers, I simply had to wrestle on the rear head rest covers. Also, if the Bartacts are similar to the PRP covers, they should slip over/around the head rests. I don't recall removing the rear head rests when...
  9. 265 70 18 G015 LT

    I have a 2020 Sport Altitude that has the same 18" wheels as the Sahara except in black. I don't have a lift and don't plan on getting one, as I don't have the need for one. I upgraded to Cooper Discoverer At3 XLT tires in size LT275/70-18. These tires are outstanding, in my opinion, and...
  10. U-Connect “Update failed- please re-insert USB”

    To my knowledge, there have not been any updates for the 7" radio.
  11. ABS like noise when tire skidding on 4 low mode

    Most likely Brake Lock Differential kicking in.
  12. ABS like noise when tire skidding on 4 low mode

    It's actually from the brakes.
  13. U-Connect “Update failed- please re-insert USB”

    Pull the fuse for the radio and see what happens.
  14. LED lighting on a 2022 wrangler JL sport

    Go with the Oracle switchbacks. They are plug-and-play. You may or may not need a Tazer to set your turn signals to LED. Some people need to, others don't.
  15. A couple of wiring to battery vs fuse vs ignition questions

    You want to tap into a fuse with the same or higher amp rating. Most people tap into the heated seat fuse or the cigar lighter fuse.
  16. LED lighting on a 2022 wrangler JL sport

    OEM will cost more. If you like the OEM look, DV8 makes a set of headlights that look very similar to them. I have the Oracles and, in my opinion, they are the best aftermarket headlight you can purchase. The DV8 and Oracle lights are essentially plug-and-play. You need tap into the fuse...
  17. ABS like noise when tire skidding on 4 low mode

    It's 100% normal.
  18. LED turn signals

    OEM LEDs, regardless of where installed, typically require a flash.